ABC’s ‘Abbott Elementary’ Provides Free Book Fairs

Our new favorite ABC sitcom, ‘Abbot Elementary,’ is partnering up with Scholastic in the best way possible.

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The ABC Sitcom Abbott Elementary just got even better. The series premiered on December 7, 2021. The show proves it’s here to stay after the record-breaking success of its very first few episodes. The series follows a group of elementary teachers brought together in a Philadelphia public school. Even with the odds stacked against them and a lack of funds and resources, they still provide their kids with the best education they possibly can.

Partnership with Scholastic

According to Variety, Abbott Elementary, ABC has partnered with Scholastic to provide underfunded schools with free book fairs. In addition, they are the first entertainment brand to do this ever. We praise the show, especially for its comedy. However, we should celebrate them even more since they recognize the need to make reading and books more accessible. Similarly to the series, the brand points out that schools should be better funded and equipped to give children an education.


The free book fairs will be held at seven Title 1 schools from March 14 through March 18. The first elementary school on the list is Harrity Elementary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Quinta Brunson, the show’s creator, also attended Harrity. She based the idea of her incredible show on her mother’s experiences as a teacher. Similarly, her mother worked in an underfunded school for about 40 years. On top of that, Brunson named the show after her 6th-grade teacher in real life, Ms. Abbott. The show is a sweet tribute to teachers and their strength.

Variety also reports that each student will get two free books while their teacher receives ten. Along with Harrity, participating schools consist of Diehl Elementary in Erie, Pa., Bond Elementary in Chicago, Dayton’s Bluff Elementary in Minneapolis, Freeman Elementary in Flint, Michigan, Cortada Elementary, and Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary in Los Angeles.

Traveling Teacher’s Lounge

In addition, the Traveling Teacher’s Lounge Initiative is now getting a relaunch. The ABC network relaunches its plan to provide schools with books from Scholastic, classroom supplies, breakfast, and “Abbott Elementary” merchandise. Originally, the first round started on January 3rd. The traveling lounge visited underfunded schools in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. Beyond 1,000 books, they also donated 10,000 notebooks. Along with books, they supplied schools with 100,000 writing utensils and 15,000 art and craft materials. As a result, the initiative added six new stops in Dallas, Houston, Santa Fe, Phoenix, Reno, and Los Angeles. We look forward to watching the rest of Season one and hope to see more funds for education.

Abbott Elementary returns with Episode 10, “Open House,” on Tuesday, March 22 at 9 pm EST on ABC.