A Zombie With Emotions? Read ‘Survival Diary’ for an Apocalyptic Journey

A lonely zombie that can convey emotions and doesn’t eat human flesh? Join Lynn in ‘Survival Diary’ as she tries to find people who will accept her.

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Ever wondered what zombies are thinking? Do you believe they are completely mindless and just respond to sound and eat flesh? Well, creator SSurplus man has created a different take on the zombie apocalypse story. Check out this new Webtoon called Survival Diary, where a girl who is a zombie has emotions and is alone, writing in a diary everyday about her daily encounters.

Survival Diary: Plot

girl with red eyes, a guy with small axe in hand

Lynn is a zombie now. She has red eyes and is undead, but, unlike the others, she can think and feel. She is living alone among her fellow zombies and life is just a constant drag in the apocalypse– Not to mention it’s lonely. Suddenly she meets a man named Rawin who is searching for his family. They band together and go on a perilous journey into the unknown.


girl with red eyes holding backpack

Lynn was just a normal girl who went to school and spent time with her brother. Her parents got into an accident and her older brother had to raise her. It was him and her against the world. He was a renowned detective and helped her learn many skills like self-defense, but the virus came and the zombie apocalypse arrived.

She woke up a zombie, with red eyes, and although human food was bland, she had emotions. She was an anomaly even though she didn’t know. Were there more like her? She has kept a diary and logged her everyday experiences. She felt alone until a man came along in search of his family. Is he trustworthy? Will he run away when he finds out what she is? Read to find out!


man with blue eyes, hair in ponytail

Rawin was an orphan and became a military man for over nine years. He has amazing combat skills and protocols that are useful in this apocalyptic situation. During the apocalypse he is trying to find his wife and child who could be anywhere. He didn’t expect to find a random girl who survived this long alone in one of the districts. When he discovers her rare situation, he is cautious (as one should be), but he doesn’t run away. Although she may be a zombie, she seems to have the most compassion than any of those others that just kill humans.

If you want something that reminds you of The Walking Dead, I highly recommend this fresh take on the zombie apocalypse.

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