A Tempting Vampire Demon In My Dreams? Read ‘Blood Reverie’

Read ‘Blood Reverie’, a Webtoon on finding out who you are through a seductive vampire demon dream.

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A thriller full of vampire dreams and romance? Sounds like a perfect Webtoon read for October. Blood Reverie has mystery and is updated every Monday by creator lifelight. Look forward to amazing graphics, magic, and of course the gorgeous vampire demon (duh!).

Blood Reverie Plot


Cassie works at a dead-end job as a janitor for an elite company. She lives in a cramped apartment and doesn’t remember who she is. She only looks forward to seeing her sexy vampire boyfriend in her dreams. If only he was real because reality sucks. Can she figure out who she is? Can her dreams have clues to her past?


Blood Reverie, Cassie

She woke up with amnesia and has been working as a janitor for a few months. She wants to find her records and figure out if she has a family. But with no last name, she feels all alone in her quest for answers. But her dreams provide lust and solace. Although she had one amazing night with a mysterious ruler, soon strange occurrences keep altering her world and dreams.


Blood Reverie, Locien

He is the vampire demon king. Half and half, he is looked down upon in his kingdom, however, he rules with an iron fist. Very powerful, he finds a strange encounter entering his castle in the form of an enticing mystery mistress. She disappears whenever she wants and returns whenever she pleases. she is seductive and only wants to sleep with him and he is upset whenever his power doesn’t affect her. However, when he learns that she believes to be in a dream state and has amnesia, he is curious and wants to help her figure out her connection to his world and the one she lives in.


Blood Reverie, Xavier

He is the higher up at his company and has always kept to himself. He’s a workaholic and doesn’t have time for any form of friendship or relationship. When one of his employees takes his ID and goes into a restricted room, he meets Cassie. Her having amnesia intrigues him, and her forthcoming honesty makes him compelled to learn more and assist her in finding clues.

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