‘A Spell for Smith’ Gives a Slow Burn Fantasy

If you need a relaxing slow paced Webtoon that has two odd characters with dark pasts who fall in love, then check out ‘A Spell for Smith’

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Here is a Webtoon Canvas read that is short and gives a slice of life experience. It also includes two reserved individuals who are slowly falling for each other in this fantasy romance. A Spell for Smith gives you bits and pieces of the characters’ life stories and how they will find solace in each other. Creator ArtSasquatch updates weekly.

A Spell for Smith: Plot

a man and woman back to back -- A Spell for Smith: Plot

Ivy is a shy witch, and Brahm is a surly Blacksmith. Both are reserved and keep to themselves. But can they let down their walls? This a slow burn, slice of life, fantasy romance that will enchant you and have you asking questions.


Ivy with dark hair and a cropped hoodie

Ivy is a witch and lived in the forest with her mother. Now that her mother is gone she is alone. She has been isolated for so long and isn’t welcomed by the nearby village. She is more content in the forest than being ridiculed for her magic. When she meets someone who isn’t like the rest of them, she wonders what the man’s name is and if she can finally have an ally in the village.


Braham a bearded man with a hammer

Brahm is an expert Blacksmith, but he wasn’t always one. He has a past filled with sadness that he doesn’t want to look back on. He has found a quaint village and makes ends meet. When he sees Ivy being bullied, he doesn’t understand why. Witches are prevailed as useful for their magic. He just can’t get her out of his mind. When he sees her struggling to fix her roof, Brahm offers to help.

The story is slow-paced but leaves you wanting to figure out both their pasts and why they are hurting. Can they seek solace in each other as friends and maybe more? Go to Bookstr for more Webtoon recommendations.