A Letter About Letters: A Romantic Revival

It is a universal letter writing week but I argue people should write letters throughout the year. Through a letter, I tell you why.

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Dear person who is more books than human;

I would ask how are you, but we both know that you will use this as an excuse to quote a book. It is fun; I agree. I would do the same; it is the only way I know how to express myself apart. When I have a crush and that person approached me with a “sup?” my heart screams “Haunt me, then!” They will not understand that I just uttered the most romantic line of this universe (you want to beg to differ?) so I reply with a good and scurry away. Next time I have a crush, I hope it is on a person who has read Wuthering Heights.

It is only to a fellow reader, will I ever write a letter. You should feel proud of yourself. It is because they understood the amount of thought it takes to write a letter. Each of the words that get inscribed onto the paper is personal and forever. There is something so cathartic about the entire process. Sitting down and filling up the blank paper with all the love, care and trust that I bestow to the recipient through the inked words. Then there is the wait. Time will be a catalyst to our curiosity and relationship. While you read my letter, I wait for your reply.

Many detest the time it can take. Our world revolves around productivity and how fast something can happen. Corrupts the beauty of time; makes us impatient. When was the last time you sat down and just saw the sky change color? Therefore, I love books. It is an experience free of speed. People enjoy Jane Austen‘s books even though she wrote the book, decades ago. They are not dependent on time and maybe that is why they pass the test of time. Remain relevant. Speaking of Austen, here is Mr. Darcy writing a letter. Another reason for my love.

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Letters are sacred. They are romantic and yet platonic. The words etched can tell the tales of history as they preserve the present. With past trends getting revived, with this letter I pray, that our generation rediscovers the beauty of a letter. Let’s pick up our pen and dedicate time to our conversations and not limit it to one-worded texts. You get it. Hope to hear from you soon!


An old soul and her bookish heart

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