A Book and a Treat Based On Your Witchy Familiar!

This Halloween, let us at Bookstr recommend you a spooky book to read and a sweet treat to eat based on your chosen witchy companion!

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Whether you’re staying in to spare yourself the frights, or going out to celebrate, every bookish reader needs to have something on their nightstand to turn to when they’re bored. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! This spooky season we’ve got six hair-raising novels and six scrumptious snacks to recommend to you based on your witchy familiar (aka pet) of choice!

1. A Feline Friend.


If your pet happens to be a curious little kitten or a sweet purring cat, then you must be someone just as intrepid as your chosen feline friend.

Naturally, this makes Lock Every Door by Riley Sager just the book for you! It’s a tense read that follows Jules Larsen as she finds a new job as an apartment sitter at an Only Murders In The Building-esque apartment complex in Manhattan called The Bartholomew. When her new friend Ingrid mysteriously disappears, Jules discovers that there is more to this austere building than meets the eye… but whether she lives to regret it? Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out!

While you’re reading through Sager’s spooky novel, give these Monster Mash Cupcakes by Baked By Melissa a try! They’re only $37 dollars and are oh-so frightening!

2. An Energetic Canine.


Who doesn’t love dogs? We at Bookstr definitely do, and if your closest friend is floofy with lots and lots of energy, then we have just the right book for you. Just like your friendly familiar, It’s Behind You by Kathryn Foxfield is a quick-paced, sometimes-campy thriller to keep you guessing.

This read takes place in the dark and dangerous Umber Gorge caves, where five contestants have to endure a night of scares in competition against one another. See, the set of It’s Behind You isn’t supposed to actually be dangerous, but one or two of the contestants have unique motivations for taking part in the show. And some of them…? Well, they’re a little more deadly than you might expect.

To match the (seemingly) playful mood of Foxfield’s mysterious thriller, check out this kitschy S’mores Night Pack by CityBonfires ($41). Complete with everything you need to make your own indoor s’mores (including ghost-shaped marshmallows), you’ll feel like you’re camping with the group yourself!

3. A Friendly Reptile.


Are you one of the bolder witches that prefers scales to fur or feathers? Got a dependable iguana or an independent snake to call a friend? If your witchy familiar is a reptile, that makes A Lesson in Vengeance by Victoria Lee the ideal novel for you!

In the gothic halls of the Dalloway school for young girls, get ready to meet Felicity Morrow. After her girlfriend tragically died, she’s back at Dalloway to finally complete her schooling and graduate. But when new girl Ellis Haley asks Felicity to help her research Dalloway’s history of witchcraft for a new novel she’s writing, Felicity finds that she has more to worry about than graduation caps and senioritis.

To go along with the frights of Lee’s witchy mystery, we’re recommending you check out these yummy Halloween Truffles by Lindt. Packaged in a witch-themed casket and featuring two special flavors, it’s available for $9 online!

4. A Feathered Pal.


Colorful, bright, and charismatic, birds of all feathers make for wonderful companions. If you have a special ‘birb’ in your life, then it only makes sense to recommend you The Last Beautiful Girl by Nina Laurin.

Leaning more into thriller than horror, this story centers around Isabella ‘Isa’ Brixton, a young girl forced to move from NYC to a small town. When Isa and her new photographer friend Alexa start an Instagram account where they post photos of Isa inside her parent’s new gorgeous gothic mansion, life quickly turns around for Isabella. But a deadly darkness lurks within the mansion, waiting to prey on the girls who fly too close to the sun.

Considering how fabulous our feathered friends can be, we have to recommend something equally fashionable for you as a treat. Try out this $15 (on sale from $30) Halloween Candy Tasting Collection by Sugarfina for a gourmet candy experience!

5. A Cozy Critter.


Who wouldn’t want to have something small, sweet, and fuzzy to snuggle up with? If your chosen familiar is anywhere within the realm of hamster/bunny/guinea pig, then Slasher Girls & Monster Boys (by authors including Jay Kristoff and Leigh Burdugo) is the perfect book for you!

Much like your too-cute tiny friend, this collection of short stories features bite-sized spooks to read through! Inspired by old-school horror flicks and classic thrillers, it boasts 14 terrifying tales. Other prominent authors included in the anthology are Marie Lu, Danielle Paige, and Kendare Blake. But if you do decide to pick up this book, make sure to give “Stitches” a read, as it’s a fun and unique take on your typical Frankenstein retelling!

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6. A Fishy Familiar.


Have some sort of fish as your closest companion? What that tells us about you is you’re someone who marches to the beat of their own drum. So a fish may not be the usual go-to for a cuddly pet, but why should that stop you?

As such, we have to recommend Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia as your must-read this Halloween! Decadent and lush, this disturbing and mysterious novel will have you on the edge of your seat. Meet Noemí Taboada, a wealthy debutante who is forced to go visit her ailing cousin in the Mexican countryside. Once she arrives there, it’s safe to say things get a lot more strange than Noemí could ever expect. Moreno-Garcia seamlessly interweaves classic English gothica with Mexican folklore to weave a wondrously creepy story that will linger with you for days after.

To match Noemí’s easy sophistication, we need to recommend these yummy Halloween Macarons by ma-ka-rohn, on sale for $30. Also, the gorgeous colors can’t help but remind us of all the pretty scales that our fishy friends have!

So there we have it! Six spine-tingling books and delicious treats to cozy up to with your witchy familiar this Halloween. For more bookish Halloween recommendations, check out these Retro Halloween Reads!