A 10-Year-Old’s Queer Little Library Needs Your Help!

When Cora Newton witnessed the homophobia and possible banning of two queer books, she knew she had to step in. See how you can help her Queer Little Library!

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There’s a new librarian in town, and she’s a lot younger and wiser than you’d think! 10-year-old Cora Newton from Lafayette, Louisiana, has decided to open up her own Queer Little Library after she and her mother sat in on a Lafayette Public Library Board of Control meeting that discussed the banning of LGBTQ+ books.

According to Claire Taylor of The Acadiana Advocate, the board discussed two books. The first is the nonfiction read, This Book is Gay, by Juno Dawson. The board decided that the book would stay in the Lafayette Libraries but that it would need to be moved from teen nonfiction to the adult nonfiction section. The same man that filed a complaint against Dawson’s book also filed one for Amber J. Keyser’s The V-Word, a collection of true stories about first-time sex for both queer and straight teens, that he believes should be banned.

The V-Word

Newton turned her frustration at the possible banning of LGBTQ+ books to hope for the community. Much like the Little Free Libraries that can be found around many towns, Newton designed the Queer Little Library to be a safe haven for Queer resources and books. All she asks is that when you take a book, you leave one for someone else.

She told The Arcadiana Advocate that she thinks “there should be all kinds of books in the library,” she said. “There are a lot of people that are LGBTQ. I think people would like to see books they’re like, too.”

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Although the exact location of the Queer Little Library has not been finalized yet, Newton has already received her first donation: Bye Bye, Binary by Eric Geron. Now, here’s where you come in! If you are located in Louisiana and wish to support Newton’s Queer Little Library, you are welcome to drop off LGBTQ+ book donations to Sans Paquet, 501 Jefferson St. in downtown Lafayette.

The fight for representation, resources, and equality is ongoing, but it’s kids like this that give us hope for future generations. If this is what Cora Newton is doing at just 10 years old, we can’t wait to see all the people she’ll impact in her lifetime!

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