9 Fictional Characters We Wish Were Our Moms

They’re loving, they’re selfless, they’re badass. No one can beat these mothers and mother figures!

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Mother’s Day is the day we celebrate our mothers and other maternal figures in our lives for all that they do. There are plenty of mothers across books that totally rock it. And then, there are those who may not be mothers themselves, but kill it as mother figures. So, in honor of this year’s Mother’s Day, we at Bookstr have decided to honor some amazing mothers and mother figures across literature – who we think would be great mums! Here are our top nine picks:

1. Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series

Image via Wizarding World

What makes Molly Weasely a great mom? She raised seven children and even stood as a surrogate mother to her son Ron’s best friend, Harry Potter. Molly clearly cares deeply about all of her children, knitting them sweaters every Christmas and praising them for their accomplishments (remember when Ron became prefect?). She’s also fiercely protective of everyone in the Weasely family, and her biggest fear is that something might happen to them. Despite her flaws (like keeping track of Fred and George), Molly is a deeply caring and loving mother. She even killed dark witch Bellatrix Lestrange to protect her daughter! That’s one fierce mama.

2. Sally Jackson from the Percy Jackson series

Image via Personality Database

We have to hand it to Sally Jackson; raising a demigod doesn’t exactly seem like it’s easy. Sally loves her son Percy more than anything in the world. She even married a smelly and mean man because she knew his scent would mask Percy’s and would protect him from monsters. Everything she does, she does to protect him, and she’s supportive of his relationship with Annabeth Chase (despite teasing him for it). She’s also a total bad-ass, using Medusa’s severed head to turn her abusive husband to stone.

3. Margaret “Marmee” March from Little Women

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Marmee is the affectionate and wise matriarch of the March family. She is also basically the perfect mom. She works hard for her family but is always around to comfort and advise her daughters when they need it. She does charity work and imparts valuable wisdom to the March girls. She encourages them to work hard and to have faith. She’s a pillar of emotional strength during the hard times of the Civil War.

4. Miss Honey from Matilda

Image via Looper

Poor Matilda, living with a family that doesn’t care about her and attending a school with a headmistress that hates children. Luckily, she has her teacher, Miss Honey. Miss Honey immediately sees that Matilda is a genius, and can encourage her and her other students. In contrast to Matilda’s parents, Miss Honey is kind, compassionate, and loves children. It only makes sense that she adopts Matilda in the end, as she’s been the only mother figure the poor girl had.

5. Mom from Love You Forever

Image Via The Mama Bird Diaries

“I’ll love you forever/I’ll like you for always/ As long as I’m living/ my baby you’ll be.” This picture book from all of our childhoods depicts a man’s life from the point of view of his mother. As he grows into his own person, sometimes in ways she doesn’t like, she reminds herself that he will always be her baby despite how old he grows. Also, when he’s older, she breaks into his house just to hold him. Talk about a devoted mother.

6. June Riva from Malibu Rising

Image via GoodReads

June Riva got the short end of the stick. Her husband Mick finally achieved his dream of stardom, leaving her and their budding family in the dust. Her love for her children is what motivates her to keep her family together. Even when a woman shows up with a child and declares that it’s Mick’s, she takes him in and learns to love him as if he was her own flesh and blood. When Mick leaves, she keeps the restaurant they own going despite her lack of support. She’s not perfect; she drinks to deal with her husband leaving her, and she eventually drowns because of it, but June Riva loves her children.

7. Frannie Lancaster from The Fault in Our Stars

Image via BNLMAG

Frannie Lancaster may be a helicopter mom, but who can blame her. Taking care of a terminally ill child must be unimaginably difficult. Because her daughter Hazel is sick, she makes sure they can celebrate every moment, so Hazel’s life is full of happiness. She’s excited for Hazel when she meets Gus, as it takes her out of her depression. Inspired by Hazel, she even studies to be a social worker so she can help children like her daughter. Frannie Lancaster does a good job for her daughter.

8. Sarah Nelson from Heartstopper

Image via Radio Times

Sarah Nelson is the world’s best ally. She’s immediately supportive of her son Nick when he comes out to her as bisexual and is supportive of his relationship with Charlie. She is a warm and understanding mother that just wants what’s best for her son.

9. Catelyn Stark from Game of Thrones

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Catelyn Stark is the fiercest of moms. She almost never stopped fighting and was driven by love, and by revenge, but certainly not by malice. She was the reason her children were driven by hope — that of reuniting with their mother, and she stood strong as a pillar for her eldest, Robb.

No one can replace our own mothers and mother figures. And if we could choose, most of us would choose them as our mums again. These literary characters are just like that, almost superhuman in their maternal roles, and surely a lot of their qualities would remind you of your mother/maternal figure.

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