9 Books Based On Bookstr’s Big Three Zodiac Signs

Calling all astrology lovers! We are narrowing down the top 9 books for readers based on Bookstr’s big three zodiac signs.

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Bookstr's Big Three Zodiac

Each zodiac sign brings out a unique and complex element to our identity, deep emotions, and overall social appearance. What does this mean as a reader? Well, if you’re trying to understand your reading habits or looking for something that will satisfy your interests, your big three could be more than helpful. At Bookstr, we decided to uncover what zodiac signs rule our team through our sun, moon, and rising signs. In doing so, we’ve learned how we collectively act as creatives, common bookish traits, and what books seem to interest us the most. Take a look at what zodiac signs illuminate our celestial team and some books we feel represent our placements the most!

Pisces Sun

First up, we have our Sun sign, which is in Pisces. Not only was this the most common Sun sign amongst our staff, but Bookstr was actually acquired in March of 2018, officially making it a Pisces! In astrology, the Sun commonly represents a person’s conscious mind and rules their creative force. Pisces have Water elements, meaning that they tend to be highly in tune with their emotions and creativity. They are people that are conscious of humanity and justice, and sympathetic to those in need. Pisces also tend to avoid reality by getting lost in their daydreams.

Pisces Big Three

One example of this can be found in Karen Thompson Walker’s The Dreamers. This imaginative story shows how an entire town slowly starts losing its citizens to their dreams. The novel questions what possibilities await us if only we are awakened to them. Pisces may also enjoy a creative and compassionate book about dealing with major life changes, like Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman. Or they may want to read about Lucy, a woman who is hopelessly in love with a merman in The Pisces by Melissa Broder.

As you can see, it came as no surprise to us that Bookstr has a Pisces Sun considering the mass amount of creativity we’ve seen across the editorial, graphic, video, and social departments. Our team puts a lot of time and energy into covering topics that are meaningful to us and our audience. Whether it be by writing articles on LGBTQ+ authors or making graphics that showcase AAPI illustrators, Bookstr wants to do creatives justice by highlighting their hard work.

Capricorn Moon

The next luminous and maybe most important sign in our chart is our moon sign. In astrology, the moon represents our deepest personal needs, daily habits, and reactions. It serves as internal dialogue and the part of ourselves most exposed when we are with our closest companions. Our dedicated team at Bookstr works day in and day out, so it is no surprise that we have a Capricorn moon. So what does that mean?

Capricorn is an Earth sign known for being stable, logical, and practical. A person with a Capricorn moon would be well described as someone who has a logical way of thinking about their needs and craves stability in their daily life. As a reader with a Capricorn moon, you may find yourself drawn to stories where the protagonist is openly ambitious to succeed, wise beyond their years, resourceful to survive, or tenacious no matter how hard it gets. Does any of this sound like you or someone you know? If so, you may find some of these books quite compelling.

Capricorn moon

The Capricorn nature of Shipped lies within the protagonist’s dedication to succeed and her almost practical thinking that can get in the way of living her life. However, she is not short-sighted in achieving her goals and values the discipline of hard work. Some honorable mentions of Capricorn-Esque books include a tenacious tale like The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Lead from the Outside by an ambitious and wise leader Stacey Abrams. No one can forget how resourceful Katniss Everdeen was in The Hunger Games or how dedicated Stacey Abrams is in advocating for voting rights and helping register thousands of new voters. We appreciate Capricorn Sun, Moon, and Risings for their dedication to work, ambitious attitude, and logical thinking.

At Bookstr, Capricorn Moon is the most popular placement on our team. We dedicate a lot of our time to prioritizing our readers’ interests and needs. We do this by planning out everything. Yes, even our memes. The internal work shines through in our projects. You can see this tenacity in our teams across our editorial, graphics, video, social, and more. We listen to our readers and are an ambitious group, using all our resources to bring you quality reads, content, and daily bookish news.

Libra Rising

Lastly, we have our beloved rising sign, Libra. Astrology tells us that our rising sign is the mask we wear in front of others, how they perceive us, and how we react in given environments. As Air signs, they are typically logical thinkers who are not afraid to communicate and turn their thoughts into action. Libra risings can be indecisive, but it is because they seek balance and harmony in their life. Along with this, they are often characterized as having a love for the finer and more beautiful things in life due to their artistic nature. At Bookstr, our team is always seeking out quality art, whether it be through our graphics or the books that we recommend to you.


One book that Libra risings are sure to appreciate is Yayoi Kusama: Give Me Love by Yayoi Kusama with texts by Akira Tatehata. You may be familiar with her breathtaking art pieces, such as her Infinity Mirror Room or Pumpkins, that have graced museums and gardens around the world. In her book, Libras can see the range of Kusama’s artistry from her exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York. The air signs may also appreciate the romantic and indecisive side of Libras like in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. If you’re a Libra seeking more balance, you might also want to check out the self-help book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, where he details his experience of leaving law to pursue purpose and peace in his life.

Libra Risings are the most common placement among our team, as we appreciate the beauty and value the harmony in what we create. We are a social and kind group that loves collaborating on projects we’re most passionate about. More often than not, we are discussing ways to intertwine ideas across all platforms. We love the art that comes out of collaboration. Some of our best ideas come from them, and by being good at communicating. The Libra Rising or social personality of Bookstr can be seen the most through your interactions with our friendly social team, the beautiful creative graphics, and the thoroughly crafted videos you see on all our platforms. We pride ourselves on having a style of our own and love seeing how it inspires our audience! There’s a good balance of everything for all our readers.

We hope that our analysis of Bookstr’s big three has inspired you to find yours! Astrology not only helps us understand ourselves better, but the people around us as well. Are you more creative than analytical? Do you work best alone or as a team player? For us bookish people, our big three can even impact our reading habits and the books we prefer to read! Do you read more non-fiction or fiction? Do you prefer mystery or romance? Our zodiac sign combinations are a part of what makes us unique and allow us the ability to connect with others, an element of Bookstr we hope will continue!

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