8 Less Popular Ways to Make Money From Writing

If you’re searching for paid writing opportunities, we have you covered here at Bookstr! We’re showing you 8 ways to turn your writing into cash!

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Writing is such an eclectic art form and a great way to earn an extra income. There are so many routes to choose from. You can become an author, blogger, journalist, copywriter– the list goes on and on. However, there are some alternatives and lesser known ways to turn your words into cash. So keep reading to find out which of these eight writing ideas is right for you!

1. Review Books

review books

If you’re an avid reader then this is your time to shine! If you can read books quickly and enjoy providing detailed feedback, well writing reviews may be for you. And you can get paid for it! Here are a few websites you can apply to:



2. Write Songs

Do you enjoy writing music in your free time? Well you can sell your songwriting services, and these sites can help get you started:


Premium Lyrics

3. Create Greeting Cards

I never stop to think about who actually writes Greeting Cards, but it’s usually freelance writers! If you’re talented in writing creative phrases and poems, your words could end up inside the greeting cards of these companies:


Oatmeal Studios

4. Write Poetry

write poetry

Yes, you can absolutely make a profit from your poems! Poetry Foundation and Rattle are popular online publishers open to poetry submissions and if selected provide compensation!

5. Writing Contests

Writing Contests are a fun, engaging way to put your work out there and potentially win cash and prizes! Poetry & Writers and Reedsy keep track of literary contests from poetry and essays to short-stories.

6. Video Game Guidebooks

If you know a video game through and through then writing a guidebook could be a segway into earning extra money! You can publish this independently or as a freelance writer for video game companies!

7. Video Creator Scripts

Decorative-- writing scripts

This is a great way to add script writing to your resume! You can inquire about script writer postings through job listings like Upwork. Or maybe you have a creator in mind you’d like to write for and can extend your skill sets to them!

8. Podcast Show Notes

Podcast show notes are important to grow an audience. The process includes a detailed episode summary, links, guest information, and othe resources. For this, you can search job listings or reach out to a Podcast as a freelancer!