7 Book Proven Ways To Lockdown Your One True Love

Love is never easy, but there are plenty of tricks to ensure your happily ever after.

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Finding your one true love is tough. Most of us never meet ours, so if you do, you have to lock them down quickly. However, it can be a difficult process. So, to help out, here are 7 ways that are guaranteed to help win over your love, complete with book recommendations to show you how it’s done. (Cue satirical recommendations and music).

Trigger Warning: This article contains content and book recommendations that may not be suited for all audiences, such as mentions of stalking and kidnapping. Please exercise personal care when reading.


The best way to get someone to listen is to blackmail them. Find something they wouldn’t want anyone to know and ruthlessly use it against them. They’ll have to do as you want if they don’t want their secrets to leak out. Just be careful not to get caught since blackmail is just a little bit illegal — at least, it is in the U.S. But it’s totally worth it for love.

'Twisted Devotion: Kings & Consorts' by Poppy St. John book cover with a masquerade mask, a skull, and some roses.

Twisted Devotion is about Emily, an undertaker’s daughter, and Ruarc, a mafia leader. When she finds out her father is also working for the mafia, Ruarc decides he wants Emily and blackmails her father to achieve this. And he does everything he can to make her his.


Bribery can take all kinds of forms. Maybe you’re bribing your love into fake dating or to spend time with you. Or for sex. With bribes, pretty much anything goes. And, so long as you’re smart about it, you can keep your love by your side until they fall desperately in love. Or you can just bribe them into staying around forever, leaving them with no choice but to accept. Whichever one comes first is fine.

'A Touch of Darkness' by Scarlett St. Clair book cover with golden ivy surrounding purple flowers.

A Touch of Darkness is a retelling of Persephone and Hades’s story. Persephone is the Goddess of Spring, but flowers die in her presence, so she moves to New Athens and disguises herself as a mortal. Her life changes when she meets Hades, who built a gambling empire in the human world, and they make an impossible bet: if she can’t create life in the Underworld, she must sacrifice her freedom.

Buy Them

This could happen at an auction or as part of a deal you make — if you’re a mafia member of some sort — and so on. If you buy them, they will have no choice but to do as you say, and that includes making them love you. What could possibly be more romantic than that? A forced love is all the rage these days, after all.

'Den of Vipers' by K.A. Knight book cover with a golden snake and roses coming out of a skull.

In Den of Vipers, Roxy is sold to the Vipers by her dad as payment for the money he owes. There are four members: Ryder, Kenzo, Diesel, and Garrett. They become obsessed with Roxy, and they want every part of her to be theirs. But Roxy is not willing to give in to them so easily, and she plans on giving the fight of her life.


Kidnapping is a bit harsh; maybe “relocation” would be a better word. Kidnapping sounds horrible, but really, it’s about making sure your love is in a safe space where no one else can hurt them. Not to mention that it’s so much easier to keep an eye on them and monitor their activities. Providing safety in a scary world is sure to make your love return your feelings.

'Letters in the Dark' by Kit Rose showing a young woman sitting with her knees up to her chin.

In Letters in the Dark, Cassandra is held captive by Monster. He stripped her of everything, especially her freedom. She’s determined to wait until the perfect time to show him that she is a monster, too. Monster wants her to teach him to be human, and she’s the only one who can do it. If she doesn’t, he’ll never let her leave.


Sometimes, people need to be gently guided on the right path. If you love someone, then the only right thing is that they love you in return. That’s how the world works. Reminding them of your love and twisting their feelings so they feel the same is just natural. Who needs free will when you have love?

'Breathless' by Anne Stuart book cover with a young woman wearing a golden ball gown.

Breathless is about Viscount Rohan, a wicked and cruel man who guides the pleasure-seeking nobility in their revels and parties, and Elinor Harriman, a woman who is trying to protect her younger sister and their dying mother. She will do anything for them — including immoral and sexual favors for Rohan and other nobles. As Rohan and Elinor’s relationship slowly develops, things shift between them, and they discover new sides of each other.

Murder/Torture Any Rivals

This one isn’t for the squeamish or faint of heart. It’s messy, violent, and fairly easy to slip and get caught. But it’s one of the best ways to ensure that your love doesn’t stray and that they aren’t tempted or manipulated by anyone else. You can’t take any chances with your love, after all, so it’s best to ensure you’re the only way in their life romantically. Or at all if others start acting up.

'To Be Claimed: Broken Fate' by Willow Winters book cover green background with a white flower in a corner.

In To Be Claimed: Broken Fate, Lena, Jude’s mate, has a claiming mark from Jude’s enemy. Jude feels their bond, but Lena doesn’t seem to. He doesn’t know what happened, but if Jude finds that his enemy destroyed Lena’s ability to feel their bond, he’s going to torture his enemy. He wants Lena and Lena alone — he only hopes it isn’t too late.


Stalking gets such a bad rep. Following your loved one to their home, watching them at all hours? It’s so sweet, honestly. It just proves your devotion and how far you will go for them. And they will surely see it, too. What’s a restraining order or three compared to love?

'Hunt Me Darling' by Maree Rose book cover showing dark leaves with red berries.

Hunt Me Darling is about FBI agent Alexandra Darling who has an affinity with killers and their victims. As she works with others to catch a duo of notorious killers, her fascination becomes dangerous. She gets tangled up in a treacherous game where the lines between hunter and hunted love and obsession, are blurred. It tests Alexandra at every turn, and she has to wonder if she will be another victim or if the killers have something in mind for her.

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