6 Great Gift Ideas for Your Ship-Obsessed Bestie

Have a bestie who is seriously difficult to shop for? Is said bestie a fiend for a swoony ship or two? Here are six gift ideas to sweep them off their feet!

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We all have that one friend (or, if you’re me, you are that one friend)––the one who doesn’t just like ships… no, no, they love them! This friend is a certified ship-fiend and as a result, buying them bookish gifts should be easy… but really isn’t! So today, we’re giving the people what they need with this gift guide for your ship-obsessed bestie! We’ll be looking at a couple different gift ideas for some of the most popular bookish ships out there: candles and necklaces and shirts, oh my!


Gift ideas for your ship-obsessed bestie
Image via TheNerfHerderCo.

These are, of course, a classic gift. The tricky thing is knowing the right scent to get for someone. Some people prefer woodsy, earthy smells, while others (like my own Jude and Cardan-loving best friend) have a thing for foodie smells that are sweet and delicious. To find the right candle for someone, you have to know what scent works best! But what if that choice was as simple as finding a ship-based candle? Give TheNerfHerderCo on Etsy a look; their shop has a wide selection of gorgeous shippy candles to choose from!


Gift ideas for your ship-obsessed bestie
Image via AfterBlossom.

The reason necklaces are a fabulous gift to present (pun intended, by the way) to someone is because they’re uniquely wearable! Yeah, you can get someone a t-shirt, but a necklace is something a person can show off anywhere and with anything! Plus, they’re not usually gender specific, either! Anyone can wear a necklace and feel special that way. So we have a few great options for you. For the A Court of Thorns and Roses stans, this Rhys and Feyre Tattoo Necklace is sure to brighten someone’s day. If not, give this Folk of the Air inspired Jude and Cardan Locket a peek too!


Gift ideas for your ship-obsessed bestie
Image via SoNeedley.

We’ve written gift guides in the past that explain why t-shirts never go out of style. They’re not the fanciest gift option out there, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have merit of their own! But maybe you don’t have to limit yourself to just shirts this year. Other clothing options include this stunning Six of Crows sweater that features fan-favorite couple, Kaz and Inej! The seller also has variations featuring Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder of Disney’s Rapunzel, as well as one with a subtle nod to The Hunger Games’ Peeta and Katniss!


Gift ideas for your ship-obsessed bestie
Image via BadgdStudio.

This is an indulgent suggestion on my part, I admit. Pins and buttons are always a favorite gift of mine. Whether you decide to display them on a banner in your bedroom, or wear them out on a cute denim jacket, they always make a statement! Incredibly popular as a gift, you can’t go wrong with a nice, high-quality enamel pin! That being said, sometimes they don’t need to be enamel at all: just look at this sweet four piece Heartstopper Button Badge set!

Self-Care Items

Gift ideas for your ship-obsessed bestie
Image Via EpilogueFragrance.

This encompasses a broad range of items, including but not limited to: perfumes, chapsticks and skin creams! Items like these tend to be very common in several popular book subscription services. Also, they make phenomenal and useful presents that your bestie will hardly expect! This Romance Reader lip balm is general enough where it works as a one size all. However, you must also consider this duo set of Romance Trope Roll On Perfumes! After all, what proud ship lover doesn’t love enemies to lovers?


Gift ideas as bookmarks. Gift ideas for your ship-obsessed bestie
Image via NessiartsStore.

This is Bookstr, after all, and we know books. In my humble opinion, every reader out there worth their salt ought to have an enviable bookmark collection! But just because people need bookmarks doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cute too! Etsy seller, NessiartsStore has a huge collection of ship-inspired magnetic bookmarks. Special mentions include their beautiful takes on Rowan and Aelin (Throne of Glass), Cinder and Kai (Cinder) and Lou and Reid (Serpent & Dove)!

Hopefully these ideas get the creative juices flowing! So when you’re shopping for your friends, just try and consider what ships and romance tropes they best enjoy. There’s got to be something out there for them!

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