5 Ways To Stop Procrastination For Good

When it comes to writing, don’t delay content creation. Try these five ways you can prevent procrastinating and get back on track!

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At some point or another, procrastination has been an enemy for many writers. When you create content that needs to be put out on a specific day, many may leave it to the last minute. Some may say that procrastination helps your work become better, but that is far from the truth. Rushing to finish a writing assignment can lead to grammar errors, misinformation, bad research, and a lack of creative voice.

If you want to learn how to shake procrastination habits in the future, try following these five tips I recommend.

1. Timer


A timer is a great tool to pace yourself and not feel stressed. Procrastination is when something is prolonged to the very last minute. However, timing yourself every day until the day of its completion can be the tool that helps you focus and be responsible. A clock or the timer on your phone are perfect ways to manage yourself and not feel that you are pushing too hard. Just putting in an hour a day can have the writing complete in a flash.

2. Boring to Fun

The topics we write about or the nitty and gritty part of the writing process can be boring. Try to turn things around and make it fun. One suggestion that I use when studying, writing, or researching is making music. I love humming a tune by using my thoughts or research materials. Although the content may be boring, at least I can read it aloud with some of my most listened-to songs in my head.

Another suggestion is to find someone you know that is passionate about the writing you are doing. Even if the topic isn’t your thing, listening to someone who understands it well can help you see it in a fun way.

3. Comfy Environment


A work environment suitable for your concentration is essential. An unideal creative space may create issues with focusing on your writing goals and tasks. Therefore, it’s important to find an environment that works for you. If you want a noisy area or a tranquil environment, seek it!

Want your environment to be focused on an aesthetic setting? The library or a coffee shop comes to mind (probably a cliche writer response), but it’s undoubtedly true that these quaint little spaces can help the mind’s juices to flow.

Whether you prefer the park, a restaurant, or your grandmother’s house, any environment you feel comfortable in where your mind doesn’t feel distracted is a great place to write on time.

4. Do What You Love

It’s not about being miserable when doing a writing assignment; it’s how you can make the best of it. Sometimes we have to write pieces where there’s no inspiration, or the topic isn’t to our liking. What we can do is implement something we enjoy into the writing process.

Two suggestions come to mind: add music to your writing experience. The best background noise that can give a boost in your step is your playlist. Let’s say the topic you are given isn’t your favorite. You may have the strong urge to leave it till tomorrow. However, let’s use those creative writing talents and look at the topic from a different angle. At times there might be something we enjoy based on our values and interests if we break down the topic and narrow it down.

Another suggestion is working with someone you enjoy being around. Having company can help motivate you; they may even have ideas you can try.

5. Easy Tasks First


Many usually recommend doing the most difficult tasks first. However, that won’t motivate you when creating content of any kind. I am flipping the script and suggesting doing the easy tasks first. Do the ones you are familiar with, or take less time. This can start a steady rhythm which can be the key motivation to challenge yourself with longer tasks. The mindset is if I can do these easy ones, then I can pull through the rest of the tasks that I may not favor.

I hope these five tips can slowly be put into practice and get rid of your procrastinating tendencies for good. Use this day to reflect on creating more content on time. You can do it!

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