5 Times The Grinch was Relatable

‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ is a classic tale with an extremely relatable character…the Grinch! He is not the only one with the Holiday blues!

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The Grinch with red background with 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' cartoon cover with the grinch stealing a tree with his dog, max, helping him

As soon as the Halloween season is over, people immediately decorate their houses, porches, and rooftops with Christmas. It can be a bit overwhelming. I mean, nationwide, we as a society made the day after Thanksgiving a holiday of spending. Black Friday, anyone? So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are moments where we relate to the Grinch. Here are five times when the Grinch was relatable AF! Is he a mean one, or is he just sick of the oversaturated cheer?

1. Christmas Songs

Michael Bublé-- and Mariah Carey

Hearing the same songs over and over and over… can be painful! Especially if you work in retail because they do not change the playlist. We got Micahel Bublé, Mariah Carey, and more classic songs like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town!” renditions. You basically can’t escape Mariah or Michael during the season.

2. The Noisy Neighbors!

If there's one thing I hate it's the noise noise noise-- from the original how the grinch stole Christmas short Christmas movie-- Dr. Seuss was the author

Imagine if you live alone with your little pupper, cozying up with a mug of cocoa and cookies, popping in a Christmas movie, or reading your favorite Christmas tale. Suddenly, your neighbors blast some music, and a hooray of people are taking all of the parking in your neighborhood, and they aren’t leaving until past midnight. The amount of noise they’re making keeps you up all night! (I might be one of those noisy neighbors). Can’t people realize that not everyone is staying up late on Christmas Eve?

3. The Holiday Feast

Who's sitting around during the holiday feast

I don’t know about you, but I love leftovers. Please give me all the turkey, roast beef, mac n cheese, and stuffing. All of the above, really! But not everyone is a fan of holiday food! I know the Grinch doesn’t! And eating leftovers five days straight can be…sickening!

4. Feeling Different

the grinch from Jim Carey's How the grinch stole Christmas with Sidney Lou-Who

The Grinch in Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a known hated outsider simply because of his appearance. Being treated differently because of your skin color, how you dress, or even act can make you feel like you aren’t normal and cannot be loved because of your differences. Embrace your unusual qualities, and do not let people make you feel like a gremlin just because you don’t like a particular holiday.

5. Lonely on the Holidays

The grinch sewing red fabric on his dog, Max.

It can feel isolating if you go to school out of state or live far away from family members. The Grinch lived alone on a mountain with his dog. I would go a little crazy, too, if I lived alone. But it’s okay not to be around family during this family-oriented time, whether you choose to go it alone or because of money and living far from home. You can spend time with friends or stay indoors. Make a gingerbread house! Decorate a tree! Journal! Start an art project! Keep yourself busy this time of year, so you don’t get the holiday blues.

It’s okay to be different, not like the holidays, and celebrate something other than Christmas! Don’t make people feel like they are strange if they don’t like the same things you do that are “common.” Be unique and yourself at all times. Happy Holidays!

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