5 Prolific Authors Who Invented More Than Stories

Being an author and an inventor shouldn’t be unnatural! Here are 5 authors who have done just that.

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Isn’t it possible for someone to be both an author and an inventor? It comes with no surprise that the world of words and science can be merged together. We might think it is impossible for authors to have aspirations outside of writing, but that couldn’t be more wrong. Here are some authors who not only contributed to the literary world but also to the world of science. 

Arthur C. Clark – Geostationary Satellite

As a science fiction author, Arthur C. Clark had been interested in science since he was a child. He joined the British Interplanetary Society in the 1930s as his interest in space sciences further began to develop. With a paper that he proposed in 1945, describing the use of satellites to refill stations for spacecraft, they could also be used to emit radio services such as television. 17 years later, the first satellite to come into service began. The Clark’s belt later became known after him as the distance at which a satellite can remain stationary from Earth’s orbit.

Author and inventor Arthur C. Clark

Roald Dahl – A Cerebral Valve

Being the author of the famous “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” he has not failed to bring joy to millions of children worldwide. His contribution to their joy goes further when it merges his son’s health with science. When Roald Dahl’s son was hospitalized after an accident, he began to work with researchers to create a valve that could drain fluid from the brain. This was used successfully in his son’s operation. Now known as the Wade-Dahl-Till valve, it is still being used to conduct similar surgeries.

Author and Inventor Roald Dahl

Lewis Carroll – Postage Case

Being the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, he began to immerse himself also in discovering ways to better organize postal stamps at the British post office. He discovered this art by developing a case to make his life easier. This case included illustrations of scenes from Alice in Wonderland. Each pocket stored up to six stamps, and the first known postal stamp case was published in 1889. 

Author and Inventor Lewis Carroll

“This Case is not intended to carry about in your pocket. [… ] No, this is meant to haunt your envelope-case or wherever you keep your writing materials. What made me invent it was the constant wanting Stamps of other values for foreign Letters, Parcel posts, &, etc., and finding it very bothersome to get the kind I wanted in a hurry. Since I have possessed a ‘Wonderland Stamp Case,’ Life has been bright and peaceful, and I have used no other. I believe the Queen’s laundress uses no other.”

Margaret Atwood – Long-distance Autograph Pen

Known for being the author of The Handmaid’s Tale in 1985, it naturally came with long hours of book tours. This is what prompted the idea for her to appear in bookstores without actually being there. This was when she invented the idea of the “LongPen,” where people who wished to approach her did, and she’d send them a personalized message via a robotic arm in the bookshop. This allowed her to be in the comfort of her home whilst also interacting with her book fans. 

Author and Inventor Margaret Atwood

Mark Twain – The Self-Pasting Scrapbook

Mark Twain found the tedious process of creating scrapbooks to be rather difficult and inconvenient. Putting glue onto the pages was messy and time-consuming and would release all the fun from the process. Which is what encouraged him to invent a scrapbook that had adhesive pre-applied to the pages. Not only was this a scientific invention, but it was also useful to him as a writer to preserve his published stories and plan for future ones. There is nothing wrong with being an author, alongside being in love with science and inventing things. These authors are here to prove that you can do anything you set your mind to in this life.

Author and Inventor Mark Twain


There is nothing wrong with being an author, alongside being in love with science and inventing things. These authors are here to prove that you can do anything you set your mind to in this life.

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