5 New Holiday Romances to Read in December

Need a hot romance to melt your cold exterior? These five romances will be the new recommendations on your shelf.

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Holiday romance is such a traditional read for the December season. You may be freezing your butt off, but the warmth of love and ideal tropes will have your face rosy. So, give these five new holiday romances a try this month.

1. Kiss Her Once for Me – Alison Cochrun

Kiss Her Once for Me-- book cover-- holiday

A fake engagement turned romantic comedy. A year ago Ellie Oliver had her animation dream job and her first romantic encounter on Christmas Eve with a mysterious woman at a bookstore. But with an unfortunate betrayal and the loss of her job, she drifts around and is desperate for money. She soon finds a coffee shop, a new job, and a fresh start. One night, the shop’s landlord, Andrew, proposes a drunken plan for a convenient marriage. This way he can get the family inheritance and help Ellie.

They plan to create the ruse at his family’s cabin this holiday, but when he introduces his sister she suddenly realizes, Jack, is the woman at the bookstore she met a year ago.

Does she continue with the scheme or actually find real love this holiday?

2. All I Want For Christmas – Maggie Knox

All I Want For Christmas-- book cover

Sadie and Max are the selected contestants for a reality singing show called Starmaker. Finally, the Nashville break they’ve both been waiting for arrives. During the duet week, they are paired together and the romantic stage chemistry is undeniable. The fans have used #Saxie and it has become a viral ship. The network wants them to keep the fake relationship going on and off stage, or they must quit the competition. They must fake a relationship until the final holiday performance special. It should be easy; however, in truth, they cannot stand each other. When an unexpected trip to Banff comes into play, can they finally learn to get along or become something real?

3. The Christmas Clash – Suzanne Park

The Christmas Clash-- book cover

Chloe Kwan dislikes Peter Li, it’s always been like this. Their families don’t get along and are rival restaurant owners at the Riverwood mall foodcourt. The Kwans have a Korean restaurant, and the Lis serve Chinese. For the holidays, Chloe is the photographer at the mall’s Santa Land. Peter works at the virtual reality North Pole experience right across from her.

When news about the mall being sold to a developer to be demolished, eviction notices spread like wild fire. Their parents don’t know what to do. Chloe and Peter must team up to save the mall. But as they get closer and find mutual ground, they discover the feud between their families runs deeper than they realize.

4. In the Event of Love – Courtney Kae

In the Event of Love-- book cover

This is the first book in the series. Look forward to a queer romance with a Hallmark flare. Morgan Ross is an LA career event planner. After a tabloid blowup, she does not want to go home for the holidays in Fern Falls. Over there is a reminder of heartbreak. Her one-time best friend turned crush, Rachel Reed, is the person she had her first kiss, which is still fresh in her mind.

However, with the circumstances she is back and covered in mud, and the first person she sees is Rachel. When she finds out the Reeds tree farm is struggling financially, Morgan plans a fundraiser filled with vanilla lattes, pine smell, guitar music, and cozy vibes. Prepare for a swoon, steam worthy, and laugh out loud romance.

5. A Merry Little Meet Cute – Julie Murphy & Sierra Simone

A Merry Little Meet Cute-- book cover

Bianca Von Honey, aka Bee Hobbes, is a career plus-size adult film star. With two supportive moms on her side, things are looking bright. Her favorite producer casts her to star in a Christmas movie for the Hope Channel, a very pure and clean network. Bee is put into a family friendly career path, and she keeps her other career under wraps. She is shocked to know her co-star is her childhood crush, Nolan Shaw, the ex band member in need of a career after rehab.

Nolan is doing this movie and promises to behave for the sake of his mother and sister. But things heat up when he recognizes his co-star as the star on her super famous ClosedDoors account. He’s obviously a member. When a connection sparks, so do quickies and sneaky makeout sessions. However, it becomes complex when a reporter who ruined Nolan’s career, takes an interest in Bee.

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