5 New Children’s Authors and Illustrators to Know in 2023

New children’s books are being released with key visuals for 2023. Check out these recurring and new children’s authors and illustrators.

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Children’s books are unique in telling stories and paired with illustrations that make kids gaze in wonder. I’m sure you can still remember your favorite book as a kid. I’ve put together a list of new and recurring children’s authors and illustrators who are creating the next best books for children. Here are five that have been recently announced!

1. Remember – Joy Harjo, Illustrated by Michaela Goade

a girl holding plants and staring at the red spiral of plants and animals

Harjo is a U.S. poet who wrote this insightful poem on how children should reflect on themselves and what they know. The poem paired with the illustrations gives a calming sense of this agenda by being simple and direct with the words. Remember is showing the importance of stopping and being bewildered by nature, family, friends, and more.

2. My Baba’s Garden – Jordan Scott, Illustrated by Sydney Smith

a grandmother and a boy holding hands in the garden

Explore the relationship between a child and his grandmother. The author uses their childhood as inspiration for the text. They also use the five senses to describe those special moments, including when they’ve helped their grandmother in her garden.

3. Becoming Charley – Kelly Dipucchio, Illustrated by Loveis Wise

a caterpillar and butterfly in the forest

This book is a great introduction to learning about identity. The caterpillar named Charley is being taught by everyone that there is a right way of becoming a butterfly, but Charley is admiring the beauty of the world and soon the question arises: Is there really a right way?

4. Martina Has Too Many Tias – Emma Otheguy, Illustrated by Sara Palacios

a girl holding her ears while her Tias talk and laugh in the background

Martina is a quiet girl who is overwhelmed by her family’s laughter and boisterous behavior. So, she seeks out a place of solitude. However, she will soon learn what Spanish makes a true home. This is a bilingual book that will help children learn spanish.

5. How to Write a Poem – Kwame Alexander and Deanna Nikaido, Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

a girl riding a unicycle with a bird in one hand and a pencil in the other.

This book encourages young readers to create poetry. They can learn how to use their senses and discover new words. The key is to pay attention around you and celebrate the magic steps in creating poetry out of your own experiences.

There are plenty of illustrated children’s books out there. If you want to know more children’s books go to Bookstr.