5 Meditation Books That Will Bring You Peace This Spring

Spring is the prime time for renewal and rebirth. Here are five books that can help you on your self-reflection journey as we enter the warmer months.

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With the warmth of spring approaching so is the innate desire to make some changes in your life. After the bitter winter months, it’s only natural to want to make a change, just as natural will.

Meditation is a powerful and accessible way for anyone to make a healthy change in their life. Meditation and self-reflection allow one to look deep within themselves and engage in deep thought. If done regularly, it can reduce PTSD symptoms and depression (National Institutes of Health). After this winter, with seasonal depression hopefully in our rearview mirrors, this may be the perfect time to practice some mindfulness.

Here are five books that can provide you with serenity this spring!

1. Minute Meditations for Everyday Calm by Tamara Skyhawk


Minute Meditations for Everyday Calm: 55 Quick Meditation and Mindfulness Practices for Instant Relaxation and Refreshment is a perfect way to start your week. I figure since there are 55, you can do one at the start of every week. The best thing about these meditations is they are brief yet rewarding so you don’t feel like it is a waste of your time. Everybody deserves an “everyday calm.”

2. The Daily Meditation Book of Healing by Worthy Stokes


The Daily Meditation Book of Healing: 365 Reflections for Positivity, Peace, and Prosperity can provide you with a new, helpful meditation every day. Unlike the previous book that provides you with a peaceful start to your week, this meditation book gives you a new start to every day. You can put this book to use at the start or end of your day to allow a reset and readiness for what’s to come.

I find daily meditation to be the most helpful in the long run. If you get into the rhythm of it, you are able to look forward to its peacefulness every day.

3. Meditation | Self Love | Mindfulness: A Self Help Book For True Happiness and Freedom by Ashley R. Brown

Meditation-Self Love-Mindfulness-A-Self-Help-Book-For-True-Happiness-and-Freedom-by-Ashley-R-Brown-book-cover

Meditation | Self Love | Mindfulness: The Fundamental Guide to Dealing with Anxiety, Developing Emotional Intelligence, and Listening to Your Inner … A Self Help Book For True Happiness and Freedom provides meditation, but is also specific in its healing. One of the best parts of meditation is that it can be specific to what you want to work on. This text allows its reader a self-help guide to achieve the utmost “happiness and freedom” while also guiding them to deal with anxiety.

4. Mindful Patterns Coloring Book for Adults by Oneway Press


Mindful Patterns Coloring Book for Adults: A Perfect Combination of Calming Drawings and Inspirational Quotes for Meditation, Relaxation, and Stress Relief is a great addition to this lineup because it is not only reading material but it’s also an adult coloring book! This whimsical book is something that can be kept in your bag at all times and taken out in times of stress. The hypnotic designs and bright colors are sure to bring a wave of calmness over you.

5. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) is a book that I read to provide me with some self-reflection and deep thinking. I like the phrase “personal freedom.” I know that I am forever trapped in my mind so I will read anything that allows me to escape it. This New York Times bestseller gives us four goals to help improve our lives and our person.

I received this book as a gift and have given it as a gift since. It is certainly a book everyone should own.

I hope these colorful books allow you to enjoy the transition and changes that come with a new season.

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