5 Indie Bookstores You Need To Visit In Nashville, TN

Come explore Nashville’s literary scene with me as we look at five local bookstores hidden around this beautiful and diverse community.

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Cartoon bookstore with a city background during the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million, but there’s something special about walking into a tiny bookshop locally owned. When I moved to Nashville I made it my mission to find a handful of small bookshops that I could support with my never-ending book shopping addiction. Here are five amazing bookstores I found when exploring the city of music.

1. Novelette Booksellers – 1101 Chapel Ave #108

Novelette Booksellers is located in East Nashville, a small hipster part of the city where coffee is never-ending. This funky and fun bookshop sells a variety of books as well as hosts events where you can meet your favorite authors. They host a book club with an interactive discussion every month and even allow a 15% discount for 30 minutes after the event ends. Novelette Booksellers captures the essence of the east part of Nashville and celebrates its diverse community through the shared love of books.

Novelette bookstore with tons of books lined on pink shelves and green tables. Disco balls hanging from the ceiling.

2. The Bookshop – 1043 W Eastland Ave

The Bookshop on Eastland Ave is also a popular staple in Nashville’s east side. This shop has a monthly blind date with a book subscription where Joelle, the owner, picks out a book for the subscribers. The Bookshop has a yearly book challenge, book launches, and a book club. This cute little nook of books is also connected to a coffee shop, Hanna Bee Coffee, for those who need caffeinated beverages from reading too late.

The Bookshop store with white shelves filled with books. Large gray lamps hanging down infront of the shelves and tons of books on a table in the middle of the store.

3. Rhino Booksellers – 4918 Charlotte Ave

Rhino Booksellers, a used bookstore, is located on the west side of Nashville. This store sells rare, vintage, and used books to its community and is a buy, sell, trade operation. This place is the epitome of mountains of books and also sells instruments and vinyls. This bookshop welcomes not only readers but musicians, writers, photographers, filmmakers, and more. While you’re there, be careful not to step on the tail of Rhino Bookseller’s cat, Charlotte.

Rhino Booksellers bookstore with books stacked against the walls on shelves and the store's cat Charlotte curled up on a chair.

4. Fairytales Bookstore – 1108 Woodland St Unit G

Fairytales Bookstore is specifically a kid’s book and toy store located just across the river on the east side. This charming family-owned small business is dedicated to inspiring kids to read and strives to provide books where every child can find themselves in the stories they read. Fairytales Bookstore also provides arts and crafts supplies and games to nourish the young minds of the future. The shop has story times for the children as well as teacher wishlists to fill their classroom’s bookshelves.

Fairytales Bookstore with shelves of books with a cloud painted ceiling.

5. Taylor Street Art and Books – 100 Taylor St Suite B-11

Taylor Street Art and Books is located in Germantown, a small section of this large city. The owners, Danielle Taylor and Brian Kannard opened their shop with the intent for Danielle to paint and create art for sale and Brian to ghostwrite, freelance publications, and present author consulting. Brian also creates cool dioramas of media or scenes he finds important. This business often hosts multiple different events such as book clubs, an art market, and even an adult book fair! When asked what inspired them to open their shop, Brian stated “That would be my partner Dani. She’s an artist who has been at Taylor Street for years and loves books. I’m a ghostwriter and book publication specialist. A space opened up in the building, and we decided to share our love of books and our art with the community.”

Taylor Street Art and Books bookstore. Industrial like shelves lined with popular books and art.

These five bookshops are supported by their community which emphasizes the importance of backing our local and small businesses. I guarantee any one of these bookstores will give you a lasting experience and a tote full of books at the end of your visit.

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