5 Ice Cream Novels That Will Make You Melt

Prepare for ice cream novels with a twist of flavor. National Ice Cream Sandwich Day offers five novels to melt your heart.

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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day can be well spent reading new novels. Enjoy your favorite frozen sandwich treat while digging into these ice cream-related books. In some shape or form, ice cream is part of the equation, but it can hold a new meaning which can melt your heart.

1. The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street – Susan Jane Gilman


It’s the year1913 and Malka Treyvosky is fleeing Russia with her family. At such a young age, her fantasies of America swayed her. She convinces her family to buy tickets to America. All of a sudden she is in Lower East Side Manhattan, crippled and abandoned on the street. An Italian ices peddler with tough love decides to take her in and learn the secrets of the trade. This helps her shape her destiny. Malka falls for an illiterate radical named Albert, and soon they are setting off across the world on an ice cream truck.

Malka transforms into ‘Lillian Dunkle’, “The Ice cream Queen” a kind-hearted sole who rises to stardom and over seventy years has been linked to American history. During the prohibition, studio 54 and the disco era. She has been through it all.

But Malka is a complex person who isn’t the facade she puts on for the world. She prefers a drink to ice cream. And when her past comes back to her, everything she built could be at stake.

2. The Summer of Firsts and Lasts – Terra Elan McVoy


Three sisters, one crazy summer to remember!

Calla loves summer because she gets to spend it with her best friend Duncan. She hasn’t dared to confess her feelings. This is the last summer before college starts and she won’t waste that chance.

Violet is not a rule breaker but decides to go all out this summer. She is going to sneak out with Jamie, a dreamy boy who is off limits.

Daisy isn’t noticeable like her sisters. But with Joel, sparks are easy and they soar. However, being in a relationship seems more difficult and complex. Can they work out their dynamic before summer is over?

Will all three girls fight for their happy ending, when their hearts are on the line? Prepare for shock and maybe tears for this romantic novel.

3. A Killer Sundae – Abby Collette


This is part 3 of the Ice Cream Parlor Mystery series. You can read the novels individually.

In Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Bronwyn Crewse knows her Crewse Creamery brings out the best-frozen treats during the season. The Annual Harvest Time Festival is back, where hayrides and hot air balloon travels are the highlights. Let’s not forget the crowning of Harvest Time Festival Queen. She uses this opportunity to sell all her frozen creations.

However, when someone gets poised and Win is implicated, she must prove her innocence before the winter comes.

With the victim being a former Harvest queen turned bitter, there are many suspects to consider. Who is the true culprit?

4. A Great Day for Ice Cream – K.E. Bosley


A collection of small stories about everyday people with big twists. Not necessarily ice cream-based, but flavors of a journey that are relatable.

Some unexpected events are:

A search for an adoptive mother, two science fiction enthusiasts who meet, a lottery winner who wants a divorce, a juror’s dilemma, a scheme to get her ex back, and a book critic’s ultimate gift. Many more can come to this collection.

5. Death of An Ice Cream Scooper – Lee Hollis


Prepare for the 15th installment of this collection. All mysteries of Hayley Powel can be read individually.

In Bar Harbor, Maine, Hayley Powel is back with a new mystery on her hands. She is a food critic columnist and her friend Lydia Partridge is suspicious her husband is a cheater and a killer.

Jamie is a respected professor and is spotted with a woman in a remote area in town. Add Lydia finding a dead body in their ice cream freezer it complicates matters. If that wasn’t a scoop enough, the cherry on top is that this dead body was also a female summer employee of theirs and a student of Jamie’s.

So, Jamie was seeing their student and killed them?

The evidence all points to Jamie, but can Hayley solve this case and make sense of the female student’s life? Will her family struggles get in the way?


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