5 Horror Romance Novels That’ll Make You Scream More Ways Than One

Care to read about Horror and Romance? Why choose!? Horror Romance is a niche genre that must be shared around the bookish world.

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Horror and Romance rarely overlap, but when they do, they leave you breathless for many different reasons. Horror Romance overlaps with Dark Romance and Erotic Horror. It’s a sweet spot in between. If you like love stories that are mixed with a little blood and terror, these five novels are just for you. Read on to see what human or monstrous creatures are in your future.

1. Voices in the Snow by Darcy Coates

Voices in the snow doll frozen

If you dabble in Apocalyptic Horror books, Voices in the Snow is the story for you. When the heroine, Clare, wakes up alone in a stranger’s gothic home, she doesn’t know what to think. The unsuspecting man, Dorran, tells her she was in a car accident and that he saved her. Now, she is stuck inside his house due to a snowstorm. Dorran claims they are alone… but are they really? The longer she stays in the house, the more she suspects that her alleged car accident was not… someone or something is out there — wanting for her in more ways than one. Can Clare truly trust the mysterious yet friendly Dorran?

2. Her Soul To Take by Harley Laroux

Her Soul to Take bones, skulls

If your Krytonite is a Dark Romance, Her Soul to Take is a perfect blend of terror and sexiness. Think of The Vampire Diaries… but much darker (and less clothes). Meet Leon and Rae, our love match in the making. Leon is a killer, and the cult he used to belong to is after his obsession, Rae. Rae is a ghost hunter, but on her prowl, she may or may not have summoned a demon. This demon doesn’t just want her body but also her soul. Can Leon keep his obsession with her at bay long enough to keep her alive? Make sure to check out the book on February 20, 2024.

3. Such Sharp Teeth by Rachel Harrison

Such Sharp Teeth, wolf over red moon

Such Sharp Teeth combines comedy, horror, and a love story. Rory has to return to her hometown to help her twin sister when she finds out she’s pregnant. She hits a large animal after bumping into an old (almost) flame. Upon investigating, she is attacked by an unknown animal. Now, with newfound powers, can Rory embrace her animalistic side, or will these new abilities take over her entire life?

4. Visions of Scarlett by Jessie Ellis

Visions of scarlett book cover, woman standing in front of a house

After barely escaping a brutal marsh attack in Florida, Scarlett Hart, a psychic criminal profiler, moves to New England to commence the healing process. Upon moving into an ominous house, she falls off a ladder and lands in the arms of a handsome handyman, Callum Sulivan. She’s immediately smitten. However, she starts seeing eerie visions of missing women in the mirrors of her house. She sees flashes of their bodies lying in swamps, reminding her of the marshes from back home. She soon realizes she and Callum may have more things in common when twisted histories behind the house and him are found to be connected. Visions of Scarlett will indeed have you in a chokehold with these twists and turns.

5. Juniper & Thorn by Ava Reid

juniper and thorn book cover, maroon and green cover

Want a classic retelling of The Juniper Tree? Set in the gothic horror-like world of The Wolf and the Woodsman, readers are placed on the path of dark high fantasy. Juniper & Thorn is filled with monsters and overcoming one’s past and present traumas. Marlinchen and her sisters must endure their father’s tyrannical ways. But by nightfall, Marlinchen is met with romance when she meets a dancer. As the nights grow more feverish, so does her father’s rage and magic. But below all of this lurks a powerful monster that rages with old-world power. It’s up to Marlinchen to uphold her own magic and keep the city that she knows safe.

Horror Romance has never looked so sweetly terrifying before. Do you want to know more about horror romance? Click here!

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