5 Fiction Books All Pisces Should Have On Their Shelves

It’s Pisces season! Whether you’re shopping for a bookish Pisces, or you’re a Pisces looking to add to your TBR, we’ve got five fiction books for you!

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Pisces season is finally upon us! We love our emotional, imaginative, and caring water signs here at Bookstr. To celebrate them, we’ve picked five fiction books that we think should be on their shelves. So whether you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift for your Pisces bestie, or you’re a Pisces that needs to escape from reality through a book, we’ve got you covered!

The Ex Hex

by Erin Sterling


Pisces are known best for their graciousness and kindness, but they are the best at getting revenge if you wrong them. In this charming tale, young witch Vivienne deals with the aftermath of a messy breakup. She finds a cure in vodka, sad music, and the ultimate act of revenge: cursing her ex-boyfriend. Years later, Rhys, Vivi’s annoyingly handsome ex, returns to town. Nothing seems to be going right for him, and Vivi realizes her curse may not have been as harmless as she thought it would be. On top of that, the town faces its own problems that only the two of them can solve together. Unless you’re ready to be hexed like Rhys, we suggest not getting on a Pisces bad side.

Practical Magic

by Alice Hoffman


Pisces are one of the most creative signs and have the biggest imaginations. For over two hundred years, the Owens women have been to blame for everything wrong in their small town in Massachusetts. Although their aunts enjoy their inheritance of the blame, Gillian and Sally have had enough. They find freedom in their own ways by running away and getting married. However, they cannot escape the magical bond between them. Pisces are sure to enjoy the themes of love and life, as well as the magical realism in the novel.


by Akemi Dawn Bowman


One of the things we love the most about Pisces is how in touch they are with their emotions and how they express them. The novel follows half-Japanese Kiko as she struggles with being rejected from her dream art school while living in a toxic household. When the opportunity presents itself for her and her best friend to tour colleges on the west coast, Kiko takes a leap of faith, despite her anxieties. In a novel that promises to be a journey of identity, family, and self-acceptance, Pisces will appreciate the different and deep emotions found in Kiko’s story (make sure to have some tissues handy!).

Gingerbread: A Novel

by Helen Oyeyemi


The unique and imaginative way Oyeyemi writes this novel will have Pisces wanting more. The story follows young Perdita Lee and her mother Harriet, who are not your average neighbors. They are most known for the gingerbread they bake using an old family recipe. Though not everyone is a fan of the Druhástrana treat, Harriet’s childhood best friend Gretel loves it. Years later, Perdita journeys to find Gretel, and we see a new side of Harriet’s story. The blending of magical realism with strong elements such as family, jealousy, and food is a must-have for a Pisces TBR.

The Dreamers: A Novel

by Karen Thompson Walker


Pisces often get lost daydreaming, sometimes in exchange for embracing harsh reality. This is precisely what happens to the citizens of Mei’s town. When her roommate stumbles home one night and never wakes up, the rest of the city begins exhibiting the same behavior. The people start to quarantine, hoard supplies and call the National Guard. They confirm that the victims are not dead but have heightened dreams that they can’t wake up from. Aside from the highly imaginative dreaming aspect of the novel, Pisces are sure to connect with the emotional journey the various characters face.

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