5 Books That Celebrate Black Love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got 5 romance novels that highlight Black love!

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Love is in the air!! We’ve gathered a few books that celebrate Black love in honor of Black History Month.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown


For our first pick, we have a delicious romance by Talia Hilbert. In this latest installation of The Brown Sisters series, we follow their youngest sister, Eve, as she tries to get at least one thing right in her life. After a few mishaps with her previous jobs, she interviews as a chef at Jacob Wayne’s B&B. Eve hits it off—literally, she hits him with her car on her way out. Juggling the kitchen and Jacob’s expectations, the two form an unlikely partnership that blossoms into something neither of them ever expected. Act Your Age, Eve Brown is a book you can’t pass up if you can take the heat!

One True Loves


Set sail on a cruise to romance in this companion novel to Elise Bryant’s, Happily Ever Afters. Fresh out of high school, Lenore Bennette is a brilliant artist committed to style. However, she has yet to commit to a major at NYU. Lenore’s parents have instilled in her that, as a young Black woman, she does not have the luxury of just winging it; she must have a plan. In celebration of her graduation, the Bennettes board a Mediterranean cruise where Lenore meets her antithesis, hopeless romantic (and expert planner) Alex Lee. With a beautiful European backdrop to a budding romance, One True Loves will surely sweep you away.

Miss Me With That


Looking for something non-fiction? Bachelor Nation, rejoice! Rachel Lindsay, the first Black Bachelorette in the franchise, has just released her first book. Finally getting to tell her story off-camera, Lindsay dives into discussions on love and relationships through a series of essays. Some cover her dating life before and during the show and others offer valuable advice. In addition to this, Lindsay speaks on other issues she’s passionate about, such as politics, diversity, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Don’t miss Miss Me With That!

Right Where I Left You


Best friends-to-lovers? Sign us up!! In an upcoming queer romance novel by Julian Winters, Right Where I Left You follows Isaac Martin as he plans the perfect summer for him and his best friend Diego before they part ways for college. All Isaac needs to do is secure tickets to Legends Con. Sounds easy, right? Well, Isaac’s plan backfires when he runs into his old crush, Davi, and he’s left badgeless. All is well and forgiven between him and his best friend until Diego discovers what happened with Davi, and becomes distant. What’s the real reason Diego is avoiding Isaac? Find out on March 15, 2022!

By the Book


For our final pick, we have an imaginative retelling of a classic fairytale where our beauty is an editorial assistant and our beast is a famous author. In Jasmine Guillory’s new tale, we meet Izzy, a 25 year-old woman hoping that there’s more to the publishing industry than being overworked and stagnant. When she hears that the famous Beau Towers hasn’t turned in his manuscripts to the publishing house, Izzy jumps at the chance for a promotion and offers to retrieve them. What she was met with, however, was a distant man, who was also hoping that there was something more to this life. What promises to be a beautiful story of love and acceptance, you can catch By the Book May 2022.

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