5 Books Cows Will Love to Read and Moo About!

If cows could read I guarantee they would read these five books. For Cow Appreciation Day, let’s dive into books that have milk and farm like themes in various genres.

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Ever wondered what cows would like to read? If cows could sit down and graze in the farm field while using their hooves to read what kind of books would intrigue them? Today is Cow Appreciation Day and we have 5 amazing books that cows would go Moo over!

The Sweetheart of Prosper County by Jill S. Alexander


A cute farm like story with chickens and various animals.

Austin Gray is almost fifteen and is tired of being by the sidelines of the parade. This year she’ll ride in the pickup truck to show that she can be the Sweetheart of Prosper County.

But this competition is far from a beauty contest, all participants must participate in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and raise an animal and hunt or fish. With support from her friend Maribel and new friends from the competition, including a cute cowboy who is reigning Sweetheart, and a rooster named Charles Dickens; the win may be in her grasp.

But what will she do when her overprotective mother who is still grieving over the death of her husband gets in her way? Austin misses dad too but she wants to make something of herself and move on.

The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline b. Cooney


Cows will raise their brows in question as they dive into this mystery thriller. They won’t be looking at their milk distribution containers, aka carton, the same ever again.

This is part one of a five book series, where Cooney entices you with a common food object in your fridge.

The face on the milk carton looks like a little girl wit pigtails and a dress with a white collar. A three year old kidnapped twelve years ago from a NJ mall. Fifteen year old janie Johnson stares at the milk carton and knows that little girl, but how could it be possible?

Janie can’t beleive her parents kidnapped her. Until pieces of the mystery don’t make sense. Once she compiles certain evidence, like how there are no pictures of her before she was 4. The girl’s parents said they never had a camera. As more choppy bits go to the surface, will Janie figure out how both their families are entertwined?

Milk Fed by Melissa Broder


Funny, erotic, and imaginatively sexy that their utters will tremble. A cow’s interesting sexy book recommendation read.

Rachel is a twenty four yer old Jewish woman, who counts calories as if it’s a separate religion. Every day she has control of her food rituals while working at an LA talent management agency. At night she exercises perfusely.

When her therapist encourages her to take a 90 day detox from her mother, who has encouraged this type of behavior for a very long time; she is hesitant.

However, early on into the detox she meets Miriam, an Orthodox Jew who works at a frozen yogurt shop. Miriam intends to feed her. Rachel is entranced by her–body, food, and faith. This leads to a journey of mysticism, milk, and mothers; a fantasy of appetite and sexual desire.

Caffeine by Livia Halteh


You know how we like our coffee with creamer or milk? Well, I’m sure cows will appreciate a cafe romance where love can spark in a place their milk is used. Or maybe they’ll be able to try plant-based pastries.

Aspen Haste struggles with social anxiety and interaction. She finds solace at Cafe de Fleur, and ordering her usual. Dealing with everyday teen life and hurdles, not to mention taking her medication which causes insomnia. What she didn’t expect to deal with is Isaac Hensick, part of the ‘it boys’ crowd with a reputations that precedes him.

Now she is aware he is at the cafe, with a sketchpad in his little corner. Aspen is aware he is more than the school reputation lets on. But when his attention is on her, she must put away her nerves and see how she’ll manage this social interaction.

Farm by Sian Rose


This twisted thriller will make the cows moo in fright and hide in the barn for safety.

5 work colleagues are lost on their way to a retreat in the countryside. When hanging around a pub they are seduced into changing their plans by threee hippies. The promise of sex, drugs and a fun time entice them to this party at their mansion.

The following morning, Prue is along with the hippie leader Faith, who says Prue’s friends are at the farm. However, Prue realizes the sinister mystery at work.

The coworkers are confiend in cages at the farm with no possibility of escape.

Faith belives that animals have been abused through experimentation, meat slaughter and being ripped away from their young. She believes her destiny is to avenge them.

If there books are approved by cows, I’m sure you’ll find them intriguing.

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