5 Book Recommendations for Dog and Other Pet Lovers

If you have a dog, other pet, or just love animals, these five book recommendations are a perfect introduction to animals being the center of the story.

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When it comes to animals, it’s safe to say we will always enjoy the company of pets. From the friendliness of a dog to the silent companionship of cats and other furry critters, if you want a more pet-oriented read, we have five book recommendations that center the animals to the story.

1. Even The Dog Knows – Jason F. Wright

palm trees with a black dog

This novel is filled with faith, grace, and forgiveness on this road trip experience.

Meg Garton is now alone in Florida, however, three years prior she was packing up her things and asking her estranged husband, Gary, to take care of their black Labrador, Moses. Gary and Meg’s marriage had been through a traumatic experience ever since their daughter passed away many years ago. With this huge rift between them, she needed to leave. Even when raising their grandson, Troy, she knew she needed to find solace alone.

Gary is still in Woodstock, Virginia as a bus driver for the minor-league baseball team. When Meg contacts him to bring Moses over before he passes, he is a bit hesitant at first. With encouragement from Troy, they go on a road trip adventure with some stops along the way.

Moses seems to know he is going to see Meg, he knows his family needs help.

Prepare for a tear-jerker, with some sorrow, but a smidge of hope between the pages.

2. It Started With a Dog – Julia London

two dogs while a woman is reading and a man is on the phone on the park bench

A strange turn of events brings these two together, but will a confrontation soil their spark or have their hearts brewing?

Harper Thompson wants a promotion as her Christmas gift. As long as her launch of the new coffee house, Deja Brew goes perfectly. Jonah Rogers is trying to save his family’s coffee shop, Lucky Star.

When meeting through a phone swap accident, their chemistry is undeniable. They have many things in common such as scary movies, greasy food, and their love for dogs. But when they both realize that they are working on opposing coffee house sides, a battle of one-upmanship begins.

When the local rescue shelter has its fostering dogs event where patrons can vote for their favorite pup, Harper and Jonah get dogs and compete to see who can get the King Mutt title. However, will this competitiveness cause more feelings to brew?

3. Much ADO About You – Samantha Young

girl holding book stack while man has a dog  by his side

This romantic comedy centers around thirty-three-year-old Evangeline Starling. She feels that she is missing something in Chicago and decides to take time away and regain a new perspective. she makes plans to stay in a quaint English village for the holiday. This little vacation comes with lodgings and a temporary position at the Much Ado About Books.

She is easily drawn in by the friendly new faces and the dramatic lives of the villagers, especially Roane Robson, a flirtatious farmer who is as charismatic as he is sexy. Sadly, this is only a temporary job, so should she even entertain the idea?

4. Other People’s Pets – R.L. Maizes

a bird cage

La La’s world is torn apart when her mother, who never wanted a child, abandons her for the second time– And this time for good. She is left with her father who is a locksmith, but also a thief. She has become an accomplice and calms the watchdogs while he prowls into the night stealing people’s precious belongings.

When her father’s luck runs out and he is arrested, she must drop out of veterinary school to pay the legal fees. To get the money she becomes like her father and robs. However, she rationalizes her misdeeds by providing help to all the animals she encounters. The police investigate an odd case where a thief leaves the water, medicine, and other items for dogs, parrots, hamsters, and other animals alike.

5. The Friend – Sigrid Nunez

dalmation in a colored room

This novel is about processing grief and the highs and lows of what it does to an individual. When a woman loses her long-time best friend, who was a mentor, she is burdened by the friend’s unwanted dog. With the battle of processing grief and a mute dog who is suffering from the trauma of a disappearing master, soon she begins to want the dog around.

It becomes an unhealthy obsession. She refuses to leave the dog’s side only for short periods. Dangers of herself begin to unravel and her sole focus is on the mute Great Dane. Will there be riches of hope that arrive at the end?

If any of these dog-oriented books piques your interest, give it a read. For more dog/animal-related books, go to Bookstr.