5 Black Bookstagrammers You Should Be Following

It’s never a bad time to find new Bookstagrammers to follow. Read on to discover five incredible bookish content creators you need to check out now!

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An open book lies on a white bedsheet in the front of the image. A brown serving tray lies in the background with a cup of coffee, a camera, and a jar of fairy lights in the background.

While our bank accounts decry it, we simply can’t help but find new Bookstagrammers to follow for recommendations and of course, gorgeously breathtaking photos! From elaborate setups to comforting minimalism, it’s always fun to see readers express their personalities in the photos they share. So, here are five Black Bookstagrammers you need to be following!

1. Rae @latearareads

Rae’s account is comprised of simple yet elegant flat lays of her favorite books and books she’s looking forward to reading. She also features her favorite bookish Twitter posts and memes that are painfully relatable. Rae is also famous on Instagram and BookTok for her oddly specific yet accurate reels (research those fanfic tags people).

2. Heaven @heavenlybibliophile

Heaven’s feed is just exactly that — Heaven! We love the relaxed and simple crispness of her photos! And the occasional beams of sunlight shining on her featured books just add to the majesty!

3. Hope @bookish.hope

Is there any better combination than books and coffee? We didn’t think so! That’s why we absolutely adore Hope’s aesthetic, which reminds us of drinking iced coffees in the fall as leaves gently fall around us.

4. Leelynn @sometimesleelynnreads

One thing we love most about Leelynn’s feed is her dedication to featuring diverse reads all year long, which makes her a quintessential part of the community. Her account would be a perfect way to find new recommendations for diverse reads!

5. Jenn @everythingshereads

In addition to being another perfect account for discovering diverse books, we also adore the aesthetic of Jenn’s feed! Her photos have this gorgeous light brown filter over them that makes them look so warm and cozy!

And there you have five of our favorite Black Bookstagrammers! It’s always hard to pick favorites, and there were so many more we could have picked, but we hope you love these accounts as much as we do.

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