4 Veggie Themed Book Recommendations For Your TBR

Eating your vegetables is good for you, but so is reading about them. Four book that cater to a veggie experience you want to chow down on. We have fiction and memoirs to grow your TBR.

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Today is Eat Your Vegetable Day, probably a very underrated day celebration. However, remember as a kid, you probably weren’t a fan of veggies. You may not be a picky vegetable eater now, but have you considered reading books that involve veggies?

Now that I have your attention, here are four books to help you get your vegetable intake!

1. The Lettuce Diaries by Xavier Naville

veggie, vegetables, memoir, fiction, eat

This leafy green story caters to entreprenuerhsip, Chinese business, with a voice of humility and active listening by the author. This memoir includes impressions of the Chinese economy and vegetable experience fleshed out in each page.

A snobbish French executive goes to Shanghai for a short career boost before heading back to Paris. Sudenly he ends up in manure fields buying and selling veggies. He confinces himself that he is able to drag the Chinese agriculture up to the 21st century, it didn’t go well. But he soon learns about the Chinese economy, business and how entrepreneurship works in this country. Can he embrace the differences and learn from this crazy journey?

2. The Garden of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman

veggie, vegetables, memoir, fiction, eat

How a vegetable garden class can be healing and fulfilling for one widow?

Lilian Girvan has been a single mom for three years. Her husband died due to a car accident, which has caused many hardships. But, despite the breakdowns and suicidal thoughts, she has finally healed, slowly. She goes to work and takes the girls to school, and even watches television to keep herself occupied. But she can’t help but feel overwhelmed by all this underwhelming life.

She is a textbook illustrator, and her job has been an adventure of many interesting and odd job assignments. When her boss signs her up for a vegetable gardening illustration for a boutique vegetable guide, she wasn’t expecting hands on experience. She is now taking a vegetable gardening class and learning the hard way about the process and steps of maintaining vegetation.

When she brings in her sister and two daughters into the mix, it almost becomes fun. But when she is supposed to go to the L.A. botanical gardens, with the help of her new friends and gardeners she may find some light that she wasn’t expecting.

3. The Vegetable Museum by Michelle Mulder

veggie, vegetables, memoir, fiction, eat

A great fiction book about family, rare veggies, and bonding through gardening.

Thirteen year old Chloë left Montreal with her dad to live in Victoria with her grandfather. She left her best friend and mom behind, which leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. Her grandfather, Uli, has a special garden and she agrees to look after it. Learning about the different endangered vegetables and communcity seed collection, she is curious why her father and Uli have been estranged for years.

When she decides to investigate, she finds out an apartment complex will be built where the garden is, and the seed collection is missing; Chloê will do whatever it takes to save her grandfather’s legacy.

4. Mango and Peppercorns by Tung Nguyen

veggie, vegetables, memoir, fiction, eat

A culinary memoir with 20 Vietnamese recipes. This is built on friendship, family and creating Vietnamese cuisine that touches people’s heart and appetite.

In 1975 during the Saigon fall, a pregnant refugee who was a skilled cook, came to Miami. Kathy Manning, a waitress and grad student, took her in. From strangers to friends to family, they created an eatery that is well known around the world called Hy Vong. With Tung Nguyen’s practicality and Kathy’s free spirited nature, they would butt heads. But working together has created a food franchise they can be proud of, all starting with their mango and peppercorn sauce.

I hope these veggie themed books have made you think about adding more vegetables to your meal, or have a new perspective on how vegetables impacted other’s, whether it’s fiction or memoir.

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