4 Reading Sites to Find Your New Favorite Stories

In the mood to discover hidden gems in the literary world? Indulge in some reading with these underrated sites, all from the comfort of your home!

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Whether you’re a writer, reader, or hybrid, you have likely heard of or used Wattpad. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms for reading and sharing stories, but it’s not the only option for us bibliophiles and graphophiles. With each site offering something different, you’re sure to find one that perfectly suits your reading preferences. So, don’t hesitate to wear your reading glasses, get cozy, and discover your new favorite platform for captivating narratives and imaginative stories.

1. Writersky

While Writersky is primarily a platform for writers, it still offers plenty of unique stories for readers of any genre. It stands out for its “Proofreader” and “Tell Me a Story” features, free grammar and punctuation checks, story prompts for your chosen genre, and a short blurb and title idea.

Writersky logo and graphic showcasing three featured books from website: "The Slugs of Dale Cannon" by Nicholas Licalsi, "Heirs of Tomorrow" by Delta, and "Under the Rood of the Righteous" by Km_Ramos.

Featured Stories:
The Slugs of Dale Cannon by Nicholas Licalsi
When alien slugs invade the Dale Cannon colony, a young rancher, Rystole Whitlock, must find a way to save his mother and the rest of the colony from falling into a coma. Determined to get revenge or find a cure, Rystole embarks on a perilous journey, battling the toxic slugs and exploring the alien world.

Heirs of Tomorrow by Delta
In a world where three unlikely friends dream of transformation, a mysterious woman takes one of them away, catapulting them all into a story of humanity’s evolution told through their unique perspectives.

Under the Roof of the Righteous by Km_Ramos
After being reincarnated as the only surviving member of the notorious Darlington duchy, Ysabelle must navigate the dangerous world of assassins and thieves while avoiding the mistakes of her past life. But when she’s kidnapped by the family responsible for her family’s death, Ysabelle must decide whether to seek revenge or try to save herself and her family from the same fate.

2. Penana

This platform has a vast selection of original stories in various genres and offers a supportive community for writers and readers. You can comment on stories you enjoy and even become a beta reader for starting authors. Another interesting feature of Penana is its contest page, where you not only can compete in the competitions but can also be the voter and judge.

Penana logo and graphic showcasing three featured books from website: "Stay Alive" by A.L.C.Y, "Scorched Earth" by JimOdetteD, and "Presence," by HeyItsDoe.

Featured Stories:
Stay Alive by A.L.C.Y
In a frozen world where most humans have vanished, the remaining few struggle to survive against villainous threats and the powerful extraterrestrial civilization known as Divance.” Will the human race cease to exist? And will they survive on their new frozen Earth?

Scorched Earth by JimOdetteD
It was 2039 when the war began, and the world ended. The elders spoke of blue skies, lush green fields, and fresh air, but these were like fairy tales to us survivors. The only reality was a world filled with dark clouds, polluted rivers, and scorched land. Despite the challenges of living in this fallen world, there were still ways to earn a living, and that was the only thing that mattered to me.

Presence by HeyItsDoe
She left…

3. FanFiction.Net

Who doesn’t enjoy a good fanfiction every now and then? FanFiction.Net is the best platform for fans from around the world to share and explore fan-created stories inspired by their favorite books, movies, TV shows, anime, and more. Looking for some good ol’ Hermione x Draco? Or how about the classic Percy x Nico? With this glorious platform, it’s never been so easy to find books for your favorite fandom.

Writersky logo and graphic showcasing three featured books from website: "Gamble of Wits" by FireFlower17, "The Doe in Snape's Skin" by corncarrotpineappletuna, and "Would You Find Me In The Stars?" by thatskasterborous.

Features Stories:
Gamble of Wits by FireFlower17
After winning the Hunger Games, Seraphine Reza becomes the pride of Panem and a favorite of President Snow, but as she portrays the perfect victor, she keeps her enemies close and never forgets that her own game never truly ended.

The Doe in Snape’s Skin by corncarrotpineappletuna
20-year-old Harry Potter discovers his mother had been masquerading as Severus Snape to protect him from evil. Harry, Ron, and Hermione journey back to their second year at Hogwarts, where they must alter the course of history and save the wizarding world from certain doom.

Would You Find Me In The Stars? by thatskasterborous
When a lost dwarf enters her life and shatters her reality, Leah must guide him through her complicated world, but her growing feelings for him lead her to discover where her heart truly lies.

4. Inkitt

Inkitt offers unique features designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and engagement within its community for both writers and readers. While it provides a treasure trove of captivating stories across various genres, including fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and more, it’s particularly renowned for its extensive erotica and romance. Whether you enjoy a spicy fanfiction, or a more wholesome romance, check out Inkitt for your next read!

Inkitt logo and graphic showcasing three featured books from website: "Taking What's His" by Lizzie Jones, "The Burgundy Pain Chronicles" by Bryce Blackburn, and "Serendipitous Encounters" by Jessica Morel.

Featured Stories:
Taking What’s His by Lizzie Jones
When Tiffany realizes that her long-time crush, her brother’s best friend, has been keeping secrets from her, she becomes determined to uncover the truth and confront him, leading to a shift in their relationship. She was about to get under his skin and burn him from the inside.

The Burgundy Paint Chronicles by Bryce Blackburn
After a life of abuse and pain, a kind-hearted man and his son, who show her a life full of love and hope, take Scarlett in. But adapting to this new life — one without suffering and scars — she’s unsure she will ever fully adjust.

Serendipitous Encounters by Jessica Morel
Rose Dalton, a shy wannabe artist and student, never expected to find the man of her dreams at a random college party. She never even knew his name but kept seeing him everywhere.

Thomas Bennett spotted the girl of his dreams across a crowded Starbucks. Meeting her was the last thing he expected, especially when he found her in the embrace of her cousin.

So even though Wattpad is good and has been a primary platform in the world of online reading, numerous alternatives offer unique features and benefits for writers and readers. Whether you’re seeking a specific niche or exploring new literary landscapes, these alternative sites offer opportunities for engagement, creativity, and connection. Get reading. Get writing. Get exploring!

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