4 Amazing Cookbooks With Delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Recipes This Summer

Looking for something new to bake? Here are 4 cookbooks with amazing strawberry rhubarb recipes for the summer season that’s soon approaching!

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Strawberry rhubarb pie is a classic dish and a staple of the summer season. Personally, I have an interesting relationship with strawberry rhubarb pie; my mother is a huge fan of sour pies, so whenever she makes strawberry rhubarb pie, she puts in more rhubarb than strawberry. Unwittingly, my siblings and I will take a bite of the pie and cringe at how sour it is. As a result of my mother’s antics, I have started taking pie-making into my own hands. Through my cooking adventures, I have compiled a list of 4 cookbooks with amazing new strawberry rhubarb recipes that I think everyone should try.

The Book on Pie by Erin Jeanne McDowell


In McDowell’s book, The Book on Pie, a stand-out recipe is the strawberry rhubarb pie. Although McDowell does also include a pure rhubarb pie recipe, I enjoy having the sweetness of the strawberry present in the pie, so I would suggest the strawberry-rhubarb combination. However, if you are like my mom and love the sour, then definitely make the pure rhubarb pie! The strawberry-rhubarb pie is a classic recipe that McDowell outlines and instructs beautifully. Erin Jeanne McDowell is a seasoned baker and writer with three fantastic books, but for her best classic and unconventional pie recipes, I suggest The Book on Pie. For more information, Erin Jeanna McDowell, check out her website!

Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple by Aran Goyoaga


Aran Goyoaga takes a new approach to the strawberry rhubarb recipe in her book, Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple. She reinvents the classic combination by creating a Strawberry Rhubarb Almond Galette. While a pie and a galette may seem similar at first, they actually have some crucial differences. A pie is usually formed in a pan and has a top made of crust. On the other hand, a galette is a French invention that is freeform in shape and slightly more cake-like than a pie. Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple‘s take on the flavor combination of strawberry and rhubarb is truly delicious and worth the work of making it!

Baking with Dorie by Dorie Greenspan


Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook, Baking with Dorie, also includes an amazing reinvention of the strawberry and rhubarb flavor combination. Greenspan reimagines the combination through a tart; the book calls the recipe a “Rhubab-Bottom, Strawberry-Top Tart.” While the baked good may simply look like a classic baked tart, it holds many surprises within it. The rhubarb is hidden beneath the strawberry to create a perfectly balanced sweet and sour combination. Dorie Greenspan is a seasoned baker and cookbook writer, so you are in good hands with any of her recipes!

What’s for Dessert by Claire Saffitz


While Claire Saffitz’s What’s for Dessert, may not have any strawberry rhubarb recipe, the book does include two incredible recipes – one being a rhubarb and raspberry shortcake and the other being an apricot and strawberry galette. Even though these recipes do not pair the flavors of strawberry and rhubarb together, both recipes make their star ingredients shine. Saffitz chooses to pair rhubarb with raspberries instead of strawberries, so none of the rhubarb flavorings would be lost. In a similar fashion, she believes that apricots bring more sweetness out of the strawberries. Do you miss the combination of strawberry and rhubarb? Make them both and eat them together! For more information on Claire Saffitz, check out her website!

As the summer comes around, make sure to check out all these amazing recipes. Erin Jeanne McDowell, Aran Goyoaga, Dorie Greenspan, and Claire Saffitz all have amazing culinary backgrounds, and they are all bakers whose recipes my family and I enjoy. If you are not feeling in the strawberry and rhubarb mood, then check out one of their other baking recipes.

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