3 Reasons Why I Recommend Amanda Lovelace’s Poetry Series

Amanda Lovelace’s ‘You Are Your Own Fairytale’ is a female empowerment read, tackling self-love via the fairytales and fantasies we grew up listening to.

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Amanda Lovelace has been an author I have wanted to learn more about, specifically her poetry series. She has three poetry series, including individual books of her own. Some of her work has been featured in Dragonhearts and His Hideous Heart. The poetry series collection that made me a Lovelace fan is called You Are Your Own FairyTale, which consists of: break your glass slippers, shine your icy crown, and unlock your storybook heart. Here are the 3 major reasons why I recommend Amanda Lovelace’s poetry.

1. Female Empowerment


With the poetry series, You Are Your Own Fairytale, Lovelace draws upon the female experience – including encounters, phrases, feelings, relationships, expectations, and plenty of tropes and cliches that women have probably seen and heard all their lives that are somewhat positive but also downsides to them.

When it comes to body image, the desire to find love immediately, and always being told to be perfect in everything, all these ideas are put into our heads at a young age and force us to think of this fantastical idea of who we have to be. However, her poetry encourages the complete opposite. With each line and small phrase of poetry, she gives all females the empowerment to trust in their decisions, to take their time, to not follow the norm, and to love themselves before loving others. This is what stuck out most to me, as it made me think of all those times I kept on thinking looks were important and getting a relationship was my priority, which is very far from the truth.

2. Self Love


Love is such an important theme in this poetry series. Lovelace always makes sure love is in it, for yourself, not just for others. We always try to give our hearts too easily, but we never take a minute to give ourselves that love. In different ways, she brings up coping, relaxation, body image, and mental health. Love comes in the little things, from listening to music to being alone to self-discovery, and picking yourself up during your darkest hour. Her poems mention these images and magical moments. Savor every minute, ladies.

3. Fantasy/ Fairytale Tropes Reinvented


Lastly, Amanda Lovelace uses fantasy and fairytales as a metaphor and focal points for her work. Each book in this series has a theme. The irony is that she is trying to say don’t live this fairytale lie that you’ve been told, (at least this is my impression of it), but instead, embrace the flaws and magical self you are. Fairytales are a sugar and spice powder that hides the realities of the female world. You do not need glass slippers, instead of a gold crown, you have an icy crown that is protective and powerful for you. Your storybook heart may be locked, but only the few who deserve it can unlock the precious pages. The hidden messages within her poetry are deftly written using many fairytale references surrounding princes, princesses, queens, kings, and more.

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