2022 January Book Releases You Don’t Want to Miss!

Here are six January 2022 book releases that are coming out. Enjoy adding these new, riveting young adult fiction books to your TBR list.

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There are several 2022 book releases coming out this January. Here are six book releases you may not have seen yet. These are the amazing young adult novels for all my bookworms.

1. Olga Dies Dreaming by Xochitl Gonzalez


In 2017 Olga and her brother Pedro ‘Prito’ Acevedo are well known in New York City. Pedro is a congressman that represents the LatinX neighborhood in Brooklyn. Olga is a wedding planner in Manhattan and can make love grow for her clients. However, she can’t find her own love story until she meets Matteo who forces her to confront her family’s past. The secrets there are bubbling to the surface. Twenty seven years ago Olga and Pedro’s mother, Blanca, was a radical who abandoned her children for a militant political cause. Now she is back in their lives. With political corruption, family, and the idea of the American Dream in a LatinX community, Gonazlez attempts to reel us into Olga’s life, struggles, and her family.

2. Anthem by Noah Hawley


If you enjoy Grimm Fairytales, this is an interesting twist on the fiction. Unlikely heroes are on a quest to save someone and possibly everyone else. At the Float Anxiety Abatement Center in Chicago, Simon Oliver is still processing his sister’s death. When he breaks, out he joins Louise and a man called The Prophet and they go on a journey. Who is at the end of this journey? A guy called The Wizard, whose past caused Louise to collapse. They are now on a resuce mission with a guy who’s sister is kidnapped by The Wizard, impregnanted, and alone in a tower. They join forces to save her and possibly the world. It’s an intricate work that has humorous and odd elements.

3. Joan is Okay by Weike Wang


A complex woman who is truly herself, that is what this novel boils down to. Joan is in her thirties and an ICU doctor at an NYC hospital. She has Chinese parents who came to the United States for a better life. Devotion to her work, solitude, and success are what Joan strives for. Where her roots are, it’s hard to say. Between her job and her family’s cultural and societal expectations, she doesn’t know who she truly is. When Joan and her brother Fang, receive tragic news about their father, new events occur that force Joan out of her comfort zone. Her mother is back, attempting to reconnect, not to mention processing her father’s death. Just as the hosptial, the city is in a health crisis they’ve never faced. This novel has some humor, poweful words, and touches issues regarding racial background, independence, and a woman in a male dominated industry.

4. Good Rich People by Eliza Jan Brazier


Lyla believes life is a game and she’ll win every time. But her husband, Graham, makes the game reach dangerous heights. The couple invites self-made success people into their guest house and conspire to ruin their lives. What a sick pleasure.

Demi feels odds are always against her. When she seizes the opportunity to take over another person’s life and become subject to the upstair couple’s entertainment, she won’t back down. Her life has been a pile of misfortune and setbacks, but not this time.

With a twist neither sees coming, chaos erupts around them.

5. The Magnolia Palace by Fiona Davis


After her mother’s death, Lillian Carter has no purpose. Previously one of NYC’s artist’s models, she takes a job as a private secretary to socialite Helen Frick. Soon, Lillian gets caught in the Frick family drama from the 1920s. A present day English model finds clues to a murder in the former Frick masion. This novel has been recently released on January 25.

6. Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon


Ari Abrams has always enjoyed the weather and she loves her television job as a meteorologist. Her boss, Seattle weather woman Torrace, won’t find her the mentorship she deserves because of her relationship with her ex husband. Only one person seems to understand her feelings, who is a sweet reserved sports reporter Russel Barringer.

After a holiday party that ended in disaster, Ari and Russel team up to solve their boss’s relationship. But when creating romance for their boss, suddenly a spark ignites between them.

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