15 Fun Inscriptions To Include In The Book You Gift

Trust us, these (100%, completely serious) inscription ideas are a surefire way to show your bookworm you care and give your gift some extra flair.

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A person writing on a blank page in a journal.

A nice, warm note is a great touch to add to a book you’re gifting for the holiday season. It’s thoughtful, personal, and shows your giftee that you didn’t just grab any ol’ book off the shelf and call it a day.

But inscriptions can be so hard to write. Do you go with a quote from someone famous? Do you pen a personal message, pulling from your history with the giftee? Or do you leave it short and simple with a two-syllable directive like “enjoy?”

To spare you the agony of trying to come up with the perfect inscription, we’ve curated a list based on the type of book lover you’re gifting to.

WARNING: Actually using these inscriptions will produce varied results. Go forth with caution.

For Someone Who Spends More Time With Books Than People

These ones are the readers you know who take a book with them everywhere. At a café, while waiting for the bus — to any social event they can get away with, really.

A person wrapped in a blanket holding a book and a mug.

For an especially introverted bookworm:

For the next social event that you want to spend avoiding people.

A double-hitter for an avid reader and a chronically bad texter:

Here’s another story to obsess over instead of answering your texts.

For the reader who doesn’t do conversations:

In case you need an excuse to avoid talking to someone.

Another nice note for a fast reader:

Something to keep you busy for the next five minutes.

You’ve probably finished this book in the time it would have taken for me to write something here.

For Someone Who Reads A Lot Of Romance

Romance has been a hot genre this year, made so popular by a certain breed of readers. These readers have probably read things you can’t possibly fathom.

The pages of a book folded into the center of the book to make a heart.

This is specifically for a book gifted to a significant other (and especially for a romance with some risque scenes capitalized with a saucy smiley face for good measure):

A guide to what I’d like to do with you on our next date.

For the reader who has a new fictional crush after finishing any romance:

Here’s another fictional love interest to add to your growing harem of partners.

For the reader who enjoys dark romance a little too much:

I hope you enjoy (and seek professional help after). It’s me, I’m the professional help!

Another idea for a bookish significant other, especially one who likes their romance with a side of smut:

This book is pretty on the outside but dirty on the inside — just like you.

For the reader who complains about love in real life never being the same as love in books:

To pick up the next time you ghost your Tinder match.

For Someone Who Has A Big TBR

One downside to book lovers is that they collect first and read second. These readers will have a shelf (or several) dedicated to all the books they want to get to eventually.

Stacked bookshelves covered in colorful books.

For the reader who judges books by the cover before they add them to the cart:

Another book to look at and never read.

For the reader who takes their time with each book:

I hope you enjoy (when you read this in 3-5 months).

For the reader who keeps their TBR together in hopes of getting to those books sooner:

Something to keep your other unread books company on the shelf.

For the reader who prioritizes books according to when they’re bought:

By the time you get to reading this, I will have forgotten I bought it for you.

For the reader who takes great pride in their bookshelves:

Another treasure for your collection, like a jewel a dragon adds to its hoard.

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