10 Beautiful Self-Published Poetry Books on Amazon to Immerse Yourself In

Enter the realm of poetry written and produced by these amazing self-published poets that can only be found on Amazon.

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Four poetry books -- "Chasing Wildfires" by Jessica Jocelyn, "I Saw You as a Wildflower" by Ellen Everett, "Healing Yesterday's Tears" by Kyli Santiago, and "Iron and Velvet" by Stefanie Briar -- sit against a swirling band of cold and cerulean with a wave of clear crystals sprinkled around the covers.

To celebrate poetry is to celebrate it in all of its published forms, both traditionally and independently. Over the years, self-publishing has grown exponentially, allowing those authors with a voice to have complete control over their own journey and bringing millions of people joy with their words, their struggles, their shining light, and their beacons of hope that they, too, can take part in crafting their own way with the help of Amazon’s self-publishing services. And so, we shine a bright light on those authors who have traveled the independent publishing route to bring us their winsome poetics with these 10 beautiful poetry books to immerse yourself in.

Chasing Wildfires: The Journey of Loving an Addict by Jessica Jocelyn

Journey with Jocelyn as she shares the tumultuous story of her family’s struggle with dealing with addiction. A decade in the making, we wind through poetic verses of young love, leading up to the penultimate of her story — the year 2020. A terrible year for the world and an even more harrowing year for families like Jocelyn’s that had fallen into relapse and mental health issues. There is no holding back in this raw account of how one family destroyed by addiction fought to reconstruct their lives and become whole again in Jocelyn’s beautifully poignant collection, Chasing Wildfires. Be sure to also dive into more of Jocelyn’s other poetry collections.

“if I catch fire
from loving you
then may I go down
in flames”

Catching Wildfires, Jessica Jocelyn
A butterfly whose right-side wings fade into smoke sits in the center of the cover against a stark black background. The title sits at the top in lowercase red letters. The author's name sits at the bottom in small, lowercase letters. A single sentence sits across the very top of the cover in all lowercase letters.

Iron & Velvet: Poetry for Hearts Breaking and Blooming by Stefanie Briar

From Stefanie Briar comes her sixth book of heart-rendering verses sure to give you all the feels, Iron and Velvet. Find your way through heartbreak and healing as you move through this vivid poetic journey of love and loss. And be sure to immerse yourself in more of Briar’s bestselling poetry collections, Burn and Surrender.

“These days,
I am less heart,
more break…
but soon
I’ll be more bloom
than wounds.”

Iron and Velvet, Stefanie Briar
A black anatomical image of a heart covered in red, pink, and green flowers and leaves sits against a grayish-black background. The title sits across the top in large, pale white letters. The author's name sits at the bottom in pale white letters.

Healing Yesterday’s Tears: An Inspiring Poetry Book About Overcoming Emotion and Discovering Love of Self by Kyli Santiago

For those of us seeking affirmation in times of need and reassurance, let Kyli Santiago’s Healing Yesterday’s Tears be your uplifting guide to self-love, healing, discovery, and empowerment. Journey along with Santiago on her transformative path of survival as she bares all in this colorfully imaginative collection of free verse, rhyme, and rhythmic poems detailing firsthand accounts of her silent struggle with mental health. Whether you’re grappling with depression, low self-esteem, emotional trauma, or just in need of a little encouragement, this beautiful, award-winning collection will motivate you through your toughest storm.

“My soul says
it needs to heal
tells me it remembers the hurt and pain and anguish
that spills out of it
you ain’t never lied.”

Healing Yesterday’s Tears, Kyli Santiago
A vividly colorful butterfly sits in the center of a brightly colored pastel orange and yellow cover with swirling chains and white sparkles. A rippling puddle sits beneath the butterfly. The title sits above the butterfly in flourishing brown letters. The author's name sits at the bottom in black letters.

Be My Moon: A Poetry Collection for Romantic Souls by Alexandra Vasiliu

Lovers, lend me your eyes, for this whimsical collection celebrating love and hope is for you, bringing you ways to build happy, healthy, and loving relationships. Be My Moon encourages people to find their unique love voice and journey on a meaningful quest for clarity, hope, growth, healing, and self-discovery. Along with powerfully inspiring affirmations come profound words and beautiful artwork reflecting on our mystical celestial neighbor, the moon, and the enchanting nature of feminine energy. So, to the men, women, stargazers, and romantic souls out there, come together for Alexandra Vasiliu’s starry wonder of a poetry collection. Be sure to also set your gaze upon Vasiliu’s bestselling works, Healing is a Gift and Dare To Let Go.

“Meet me
where the falling stars live.
I will wait for you
day and night”

Be My Moon, Alexandra Vasiliu
A woman made of black and white colors with white dots sits in the center. The title sits at the top in lowercase white letters. The author's name sits at the bottom in small, white letters. Everything is set against a stark black background.

I Saw You as a Flower: A Poetry Collection by Ellen Everett

Follow the flowering journey of heartbreak, growth, and overcoming to once again find love in Everett’s I Saw You as a Flower. This collection gives readers the opportunity to come face-to-face with their deepest sorrows and learn how to piece together their shattered selves again. A story of survival, let this heartwarming collection of poems take you on a flower’s journey from withering to blooming once again.

“you held me so tight
that i left with your scent on my shirt
and that was the last thing
you ever gave me”

I Saw You as a Flower, Ellen Everett
A pair of withered lungs covered in flower stems sits against a pastel pink background. The titles and author's name sit below the pair lungs in lowercase black letters.

Finding Her Being Her: A Journey of Poems by Nilam Patel

A Doctor of Pharmacy, Nilam Patel brings her decades of experience into this poetry collection, brimming with pages of uplifting verses for all women in need of self-help and motivation. With personal and universal stories, this dedication to grief, relationships, motherhood, and femininity spotlights taboo topics that only quietly skim the surface in today’s society. Instead, Patel loudly and proudly delves into the complexities of womanhood, moving through empowering verses centered around mental and physical health. Let Finding Her Being Her inspire your journey to self-love and healing because you are not alone.

“Calm your mind
find her
Honor your body
be her
Take your journey
love her

-read it again”

Finding Her Being Her, Nilam Patel
A drawn image of a bare skin woman with her hair down and a hand holding one side of her head sits against a pale pinkish-white background. The title sits at the top in large, black letters. The author's name sits at the bottom in black letters.

This Made Me Think of You by Emily Bird

Discover the depths of love and experience its true beauty, as well as understand that remembering it and sharing it in chaotic moments is where we truly find the magic of love, as in Emily Bird’s This Made Me Think of You.

“the wind dances through our hair
as we take a road trip through life
we’re not sure where we are going,
but we are happy to be together.”

This Made Me Think of You, Emily Bird
Set against a crimson background, the title is in lowercase white lettering on the left side and four floating hearts on the right side. The author's name is at the bottom in small letters.

All My Thoughts by Tarquin

In this profound debut collection of prose and verse for the soul, travel to the deepest parts of your heart, where feelings that we all share dwell. Step boldly into the darkness of your hopes and the thoughts that consume us all. It just may help give you the motivation you need to find the light.

I think you only came into my life
to break my heart.”

All My Thoughts, Tarquin
A lantern strung up by a leafy vine hangs down on the left and shines brightly against a dark and scattered starry night background. The title sits  bolded and in the center in white letters. The author's name sits at the bottom in small cursive lettering.

Scrawled Diary: A Collection of Emotional Writings by Mr. Den

In this poignant collection, Scrawled Diary delves into the intricacies of the human condition. Divided into three chapters, each verse explores the meaning of love, life, and emotions, capturing the spirit of our joys and sufferings and the sheer potency of human connection in this artfully elegant conveyance that finds beauty in vulnerability.

“but how can I not
give my heart and soul
when love is the force
that makes me feel whole?”

Scrawled Diary, Mr. Den
A drawn depiction of a woman made of a flower and pencil lines sits against a pale green background. The title sits below her in messy cursive lettering.

Daydream: Poetry Book by Ariel West

Ariel West’s debut collection, Daydream, takes us on a passionate and heartfelt journey of emotion that links us all together. Dive deep into this beautiful collection made simply for all of the hopeless romantic souls out there in the world.

“Love me courageously
and don’t be scared who sees.”

Daydream, Ariel West
A drawn outline of a firefly sits against a black background. The title sits below it in white letters. The author's name sits below the title in near transparent white letters.

Poetry will always be a force of poetic verse and prose that links us together, sharing all that makes us human. But when we can find ways to share these experiences beyond simply going in search of traditional means of publication, we can scatter these beautiful words across time and space. And so, wander over to Amazon and seek out an independently published poetry collection or two or three, and help breathe even more life into these poets on a journey to share their stories, their trials and tribulations, their affirmations, and their inspiring poems with us.

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