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Have Bookstr superpower your online presence. Our suite of services empowers you and your brand in all areas digital with our holistic approach. Our expertise has made us one of the world’s leading online book-lover brands that will take you and your digital presence to the next level.

Brand Strategy & Voice

At Bookstr, we understand that your personal brand is the foundation of everything you do. It’s how you will stand out. It’s why people would be compelled to follow you. To become a fan of you and your work. Just as a consumer brand’s identity goes beyond its product—your everlasting brand goes well beyond the books you write. At its core, it is about giving value to your fans and followers, and developing an audience that cares about you, and what you have to say. 

But how do you do that? By finding your unique voice. 

By crystallizing your unique voice, it will be sustainable and a source of inspiration for you to be able to engage audiences on a daily basis and throughout your future.  
It will be a sustainable source of inspiration for you to create compelling content for your audience.  
The Bookstr team has spent years and thousands of hours coaching and creating systems to help clients find their voice. This will be a source of who you are online that will give you a never-ending well to empower you to engage audiences across all digital channels in everlasting ways.

Content Strategy

Hand-in-hand with finding your voice, is finding a content strategy that works for you.You’ve probably felt the burden of social media. The struggle with “what do I put up next?” You may fall into the trap of finding yourself putting up the same kind of thing over and over, watching your engagement drop. You may post things that are interesting to you, knowing they may not be as compelling to your audience. Or you may put up content you think is interesting to the audience that you find you do not have a passion for. Either way, you keep doing it because you know the rule is “post or die.”
No matter how good your content or how often you post, without engagement, you will eventually give up. 

Imagine always being ready and able to create compelling content. Imagine having a never-ending source of inspiration for you to engage your audience and build your fan base. Bookstr has proven systems and approaches that create a support structure which allows you to break through in your content strategy. Bookstr will design a customized system specific for you and your style to create a great variety of content that’s authentic and natural, allowing you to build a bond with your audience in ways you never thought possible.  

The systems Bookstr creates for you will work for your life and career, being able to fit into any busy schedule.

Content Creation

Great content will get attention. The right content will get you a fan. Whether it’s video or graphics, an important part of your online presence is creating content that speaks to your unique audience. Bookstr’s team can design and produce the right content for you, your social channels, and your website. You may have a great strategy and good ideas for your content. But you may not have the capability to create it personally—at least not quickly enough, or without affecting your creative output. You may need video editing and production. You may need graphic design—for social media, your website, ad banners or anything else. Bookstr’s highly skilled team can create the assets you need, the way you need them, and when you need them. If you are able and inclined, we are happy to teach you how to create these designs on your own in the future.

As in all our services, Bookstr will employ the latest best practices for every format and medium ensuring effective cutting-edge approaches to your content.

Social Media Management
& Digital Marketing

Managing social media can be difficult and time consuming. From scheduling on up to 8 platforms, to coming up with the captions, managing social media—all of this is a much larger job than most people realize…until it’s too late. Not to mention, creating a digital marketing strategy, deployment schedule, and creating assets and ads for each platform.

As you have seen on Bookstr’s own channels, Bookstr leverages all best practices for each platform and we can take care of everything from planning and scheduling, to optimization and responding to trends and algorithmic changes. Don’t worry, we will not keep pestering you about algorithmic changes. With our deep experience of having one of the world’s largest bookish audiences, we are always learning from that audience, on the cutting edge, able to bring the power of our experience and our audience to you and your brand. 

Website Design and Refresh

Your website is your home. It’s where people come to gather. There’s thousands of companies willing to create a website for you. Bookstr can create a home that is easy to maintain and update, something that’s not a burden or costly. A home you will be proud to invite others to visit. With Bookstr, you are in control of what you present to the world. We create WordPress websites that are elegant, easy for you to update, eliminating the need to continually pay others to keep your content fresh. Whether it’s book excerpts and teasers, reviews, press, interviews, we teach you how you take back control of your home. 

With Bookstr, you are in full control of what you present, including book excerpts and teasers, reviews, press, buy links, social channel showcases, and featured content whether that be your own blog, video interviews and more. 

Rather than nickel and dime you with fees, we show you how to maintain and update it, eliminating the middleman as quickly as possible.


If you need PR, Amazon reviews, book clubs, influencers’ content or other book promotion related services, Bookstr has amazing partners that we work with that we can refer you to. A holistic approach is paramount when working with partners across multiple channels and formats. We know what we’re great at. And for everything else, we have partners.

Case Studies

Social Media Strategy: Dr. Judy Ho

Over the course of a year, following the release of her book “Stop Self Sabotage,” Bookstr worked with Dr. Ho to transform her content strategy and approach with great results. 

  • Content strategy grew Instagram following from 10k to 50k in 1 year after stagnant growth previously.
  • Shifted content strategy to distinct and planned content types while optimizing over time.
  • New content strategy with focus on wellness and personal brand shifted audience from 75% male to 65% female.

Case Studies

YA Killer Thriller

Bookstr worked with Sourcebooks to create a themed contest around “chilling YA thrillers.” Bookstr helped formulate a compelling, curated prize package with meticulously created promotional graphics, which was then deployed on Bookstr’s website and through Bookstr’s social media and email list. Participants were asked to follow a series of steps including joining the mailing list and social media of each author and Sourcebooks itself.

  • 26,405 Actions Taken
  • 2,469 Joined Mailing list
  • 2,954 Visit Buy Link (per book) 
  • 2,252 New Social Media Followers (per entity)

Case Studies

Facebook Live:
Ayser Salman

Facebook Live is an amazing place for our book and author loving audience to discover new and up and coming authors. This includes promotional support across Bookst’s channels including our email list, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram,, and YouTube. Ayser Salman is a debut author with her book focusing on the immigrant experience and complexities of her American island Muslim Identity. By interacting with the author and having their questions answered, the audience developed a personal connection with, and interest in, Ayser and her book.

  • 32,845 Reached
  • 11,435 Video Views
  • 211 Comments, Reactions and Shares

Case Studies

Facebook Live:

In addition to new or lesser known authors, Bookstr’s Facebook Live has featured high profile authors such as Tony Robbins, David Morrell, Jeannette Walls, Karin Slaughter, and Meg Wolitzer, among many others.
For this Facebook Live we worked with well-known musician and author LIGHTS. The interview received 24,507 organic video views in less than 24 hours.
For lesser known authors, Bookstr can boost and promote the Facebook Live to reach an equal amount of people.

  • 122,070 Reached
  • 24,507 Video Views 
  • 2,018 Comments, Reactions and Shares

Case Studies

Articles: Barbara Sontheimer

Bookstr teamed up with debut author Barbara Sontheimer to promote her book “Victor’s Blessing.” Bookstr created multiple articles that would resonate with Millennial and Gen Z readers. By accentuating the diverse love story, and unique narrative of the civil war, Bookstr put Ms. Sontheimer and her book front and center in a compelling cultural conversation that captivated Bookstr’s readers. Additionally, the article have served as tent poles to her online content, and the press on her website.


  • Pageviews: 4,235
  • Unique Pageviews: 3,453
  • Avg. Time on Page: 3:45

Social Media

  • Impressions: 312,576
  • Post Clicks: 1757
  • Reach: 256,853
  • Engagements: 2,364

Case Studies

Article: Keepster

Not only can we feature authors, but also platforms, apps, websites and other digital platforms that excite the bookish audience. By creating articles with an eye towards what works in media and SEO trends, Bookstr creating a compelling article about Keepster, an app that helps someone take their text conversations and convert them into books. While the figures below are what occurred organically, the article itself is a powerful promotional asset to be used in any form of content based advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

  • Content strategy grew Instagram following from 10k to 50k in 1 year after stagnant growth previously.
  • Shifted content strategy to distinct and planned content types while optimizing over time.
  • New content strategy with focus on wellness and personal brand shifted audience from 75% male to 65% female.

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