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5 Reasons Why We Still Need Love Letters

Ah yes, there is nothing quite like romance and grand gestures. As cheesy as they may be, they’re even lovelier these days because they’re so uncommon. Who writes poetry for their love? Who plays them a song on their front porch?

Top 10 Author-Dog Relationships of All Time

Just when you thought you would be seeing less fluff on your newsfeed now that National Puppy Day has been and gone, THINK AGAIN, because we at Bookstr have found the furriest of archives documenting famous authors kicking it with their dogs and it is just about as much cuteness as we can take in

Researchers Finally Decipher the Most Difficult Text of All Time!

The Dead Sea Scrolls are documents that have always created a sense of mystery inside my head. They’re old, worn, yellowed scriptures that no one even understands…until now that is. It’s taken a long, long time, but researchers have finally decoded the last of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

8 Romantic Poems That Will Add a Literary Touch to Your Wedding Vows

I am nowhere near to getting married anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought of what I’d like to have as part of that 'big day'. Aside from special touches and decorative themes, I love to write and I’ve often thought of that dreaded four-letter word: Vows.

This Bengali Girl's Poetry Saved Her Life After a Medical Disaster

If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that life never goes as planned…ever. When we want things one way, we always get another. And sometimes that other way is the biggest challenge we could ever face. That’s exactly what came upon Sathi Mondal eight years ago.


This Harry Potter Stationery Has Our Writing Hands at the Ready

‘Tis the season to write someone a heartfelt note or perhaps scribble down a few rhymes to capture your feelings about the holidays. To me, sending someone a letter or note card is so exciting and I’d welcome one anyday. It’s a lost art of love and communication.
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