‘The Power of 1440: Making The Most of Every Minute in a Day’ OUT NOW

Author and lead pastor of Celebration Church, in Jacksonville, Florida is back with another novel that’s sure to be a New York Times Bestseller. Tim Timberlake’s newest book focuses on sharing and teaching us how to make every minute of everyday count.

The Power of 1440: Making The Most of Every Minute in a Day is a thirty-day manual to help readers understand diverse topics like forgiveness, rest, perspectives, and how to live a life that matters.


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A blurb about the book:

The son of a preacher, eighteen-year-old Tim Timberlake’s tragic and painful personal story of the sudden loss of his father began his journey toward seeing the benefit and blessing of each day. And not just to get through it, but to exhaust every opportunity of potential of that day, moment by moment, fulfilling his God-given purpose.

Today Pastor Tim inspires others to approach each day with its 1,440 minutes in a way that they live out their own God-given purposes and passions. Comprised of thirty bite-size chapters, The Power of1440 is a day-by-day manual to help readers deal with topics like forgiveness, perspective, mistakes, rest, and living a life that matters. He says, “Win some, learn some . . . but never lose.”

Every day should be magnificent, not mundane; filled with delight, not drudgery; and a grand adventure, not a grind. It is possible to make today and every day truly remarkable.


Image via Harper Collins


Timberlake’s first book was for a Christian audience but with this new self-help book no matter what walk of life you come from or what you believe, you can gain something from reading it. We were lucky enough to talk with him and ask some questions!




#1 Was there always a passion for writing, or did it come later?

That passion came along a little further in life. I always enjoyed reading books but never really had a desire to write one until about 10 years ago. Around that time, I had been through enough pain in my life, and I had built a pretty extensive journal detailing what I thought could help people along the way of their journey if I was ever granted the opportunity to publish a book.


#2 When you first started writing, did you find it difficult to transfer your stories and others’ stories to the written form? If so, what were the difficulties, and how did you overcome them?

I believe one of the things that connects all of us is pain. So, whenever I’m writing, I always lean towards the pain we encounter in life and how there is hope and light at the end of that season or journey. I learned very quickly that people might not read the entire book, so I need to grab and hold their attention one sentence at a time. That’s how I started curating and writing the ideas in my books. Understanding that you may only have a reader for one sentence, so it better be a good one!


#3 “Abandon: Laying Aside Your Plan for God’s Purpose” (2015), your first novel was geared to more of a Christian, faith-based audience; how did you come to the decision to make your new novel more accessible to general audiences?

With this particular title, The Power of 1440, I wanted it to be appealing to everyone no matter what their beliefs are. In the book, I definitely talk about my faith and how it has been so key in my everyday life, but I do so in a way that’s not pushing what I believe down the reader’s throat. One of the greatest things that bond humanity is love, and if the reader feels that from reading the words tucked between the pages of my book, then every word written was well worth the work that was put into it.


#4 Did you find it easier or more of a challenge to find a balance to help cater to those who follow the faith and those who don’t at the same time?

Whenever I communicate, whether it’s on stage at a conference, at church on Sunday, or writing articles and books, I try to communicate my message in such a way that no matter where you are in your faith, walk, or journey that you would feel inspired, hopeful and sense that value has been added to your life.


#5 What was the moment that made you want to write and ultimately release “The Power of 1440: Making The Most of Every Minute In A Day” after such a hiatus from releasing a novel?

I grew up a preacher’s kid that fell away from God after my dad was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer. On my 18th birthday, he sat me down for what would be our final conversation, although I didn’t know that at the time. I wasn’t fully paying attention; I was probably wondering when the conversation would end so that I could go hang out with my friends – to say it frankly, I wasn’t present. And later that evening, in the early morning, he passed away. Hindsight is always 20/20, and looking back, that day has always given me pause because I wished I had done things differently. I should have leaned in more and listened more intently to what he was saying to me. He spoke to me for around 5 hours, and I can only recall about 15 minutes of it. From that day forward, I made a vow to be intentional with each day, in every conversation, and with every person. Taking none of it for granted.


#6 As a pastor and as a writer of motivational books like this, do you find that you are under immense pressure to try and exude a level of perfection? If so, how do you cope with that feeling?

I learned a long time ago there is no such things as perfect, so striving for it and appeasing people’s opinions is a losing battle. With that said, I try to write things that move me and have greatly impacted my life. If I can stay true to that, I know someone else along the way of this journey called life will be blessed and impacted by it.


#7 Lastly, is there any advice you can give to potential writers who want to share their stories to help inspire others?

Absolutely! Don’t buy into the pressure to write what you know; write towards what you are becoming. A writer is an adventurer of words, and like every great adventurer, you will be faced with topics and landscapes that you’ve never discovered before. Throw yourself totally and completely at that idea! There are stories and narratives yet to be created that are waiting on you to create them. Don’t sit around waiting for those words to find you! Like any great explorer and adventurer, get out there and discover the greatness awaiting your arrival.

Make sure to pick up, “The Power 1440: Making the Most of Every Minute in a Day” everywhere books are sold!



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