Motivational and Spiritual Coach Shares How to Support Our Anxious Community During Pandemic

About the Author

Eliyahu Jian is an author, life and spiritual coach, motivational speaker, and advisor to people of all ages and backgrounds, including notable celebrities and entrepreneurs. He empowers people to be the best versions of themselves, create stronger relationships, achieve career success, and live healthier lifestyles through his teachings. 


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He has shared his vision and guidance with some of the most famous and influential people in the world, and most recently for everyone in his book: The Laughing Billionaire– How to Become Rich and Happy. Throughout his teachings, Eliyahu infuses spiritual inspiration from an evolved approach to Kabbalah. During his studies and work, Eliyahu discovered that cultivating true inner happiness enables one’s success to increase, and that money doesn’t lead to happiness.



Guest author: Eliyahu Jian



Practice Kindness

The essence of giving not only helps other people feel supported, but it also relieves anxiety. Once you begin giving back to others, you gradually start to create miracles and discover a joy beyond your imagination. While giving helps create miracles for those who are in need, the reward of giving is that YOU receive a gift, which is the gift of happiness.


Meditate and Practice Self Love

In order to love others, we must first love ourselves. Supporting people doesn’t come from individuals who have instability in their lives. People appreciate support from others who are aware, meditative, and composed. Meditation is a spiritual practice that helps us remain present, centered, and peaceful to help others.


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Practice Methods of Spirituality

Spirituality can be practiced through small actions. For example, meditation is a widely practiced form of being spiritual, though there are several additional paths to take. Another action is giving to others, as we don’t need to have wealth or fame to be spiritual in our lives. Giving leads to happiness which then can contribute to inner and external wealth. People prefer and need to be around positive, grounded, spiritual, happy people these days in order to cope with the state of the world. When you’re practicing spirituality, you will find that you’re able to be present for yourself but also for others.



Be Generous

You may ask what this means…Now is a time when many people are selfish and only looking for what can benefit and matters to themselves. In many ways, generosity can be considered the golden rule, love your neighbors as we do ourselves. Generosity allows us to think about what is important for the greater good, and how we can contribute as opposed to what we can take. Therefore, through generous choices we make a conscious decision to follow the rules, to not hoard materials, to check in to see what others, such as the elderly, need and pay attention to these patterns. Respecting others is another form of generosity, whether that’s by wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, respecting curfews or stay-at-home orders. We share kindness by being aware of other individuals’ situations.


Love One Another

This is the most important, as the greatest gift you can give is love. The best support you can give to someone in a situation like this or any time is two things, 1. the words “I love you” and 2. your actions that prove your love.

Love can be shown and acted upon in many forms. Some examples include: acts of kindness to show appreciation for humanity and strangers, creating reminders to tell our loved ones we are always there for them, or even looking at someone and asking what we can do for this person who may not have something you have or could use what you have. Unselfishness, care, compassion, kindness…practicing these things daily is the truest form of love and something we should be expressing more than ever.


How to Let Go of Anxiety:

For those feeling anxious during this time of uncertainty, use this time to discover and reinvent yourself, and find your inner powers. Ways to reach this are through meditation, practicing generosity, love and kindness. Anxiety can be directly acted upon by speaking to other individuals whether it is friends, family members, or partners—this is a great moment to build and strengthen relationships around us.


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More about Eliyahu:

Eliyahu’s lectures, one-on-one coaching sessions, seminars and soul-readings have taken him around the world. His uniqueness is found in his talent to translate profound spiritual wisdom into practical advice that empowers people   to live their happiest and most fulfilled existence.

Eliyahu’s passion for spirituality, happiness and success continues today.  As a co-founder of Vital Transformation, he touches the lives of thousands of people daily with free online classes devoted to helping people find their purpose in life and be their best.



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