Is Seeing Believing? This Personal Development Book has the Answer

As humans, we are brought up to believe that “what you see is what you get”, and that “seeing is believing”. In his book, and film of the same name, James Purpura and his wife, Steph, turn the idea on its head. Even from the get-go, the title of their book rejects the idea that only what is visible is real: Perception: Seeing is Not Believing.


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It is the authors’ belief that you won’t see something until you believe it, contrary to the age-old notion of only believing something tangible and real. As James Purpura would – and has – put it himself, why don’t you look for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Because we simply don’t believe that it would be there if we did. Now that isn’t to say you’re guaranteed to find a pot of gold if you do look (sadly), but it does bring about the question of how many things are invisible to us, by virtue of our disbelief. The philosophy of the Purpuras goes against what we are always told, and instead challenges an old paradigm. Their book suggests the concept of reality is merely an assumption based on our past experiences, when, in fact, believing is seeing. 



The book, in both original, and shortened online versions, plus the film, focus on how the authors went from the lowest point in both of their lives, to success and happiness by adjusting their perception of their lives and experiences. Their methods, which are outlined in all of the resources, focus on healing from past traumas, changing your ideas of blame and fault, and using your own fear and hurt moving forward in your life. All of these concepts have cropped up in some way throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and the Purpuras made their content free on Powerful-U in response. The move to offer their work free of charge points to an important part of their ethos; sharing what they have learned in the hopes it can help someone, anyone, else. In previous conversations with James himself, he stated that the most humbling thing is “messages from people saying the book changed their life for the better. Whether that was one or a million, the work would be worth it.”


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Rejecting something that is thought of as a core principle or concept of life is not an easy feat, and this is something a book like Perception actively and continually challenges. The Purpuras feel that questioning everything you see is the only way to fully move forward and evolve, and that their methods and resources are a way to help you do exactly that. Having something – or someone hold your hand in such an unusual and new process for many, makes personal development a little more communal, and as a result, more effective. Before, you might have thought you’d believe something when you saw it, but maybe it’s time to start rejecting that idea, and seeing your life, and the world at large, in a brand new light.



You can catch our recent conversation with James himself below:

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