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Your Next Half Hour Will Be John Green Videos in Which He Suggests Books

John Green, YA author extraordinaire, and prolific vlogger since he and his brother Hank Green (who also has a YA novel coming out) began their project Brotherhood 2.0 all the way back in the dark ages of 2007. He has, throughout this project and beyond (they still exchange weekly videos), r

In the Age of Technology, Kids Prefer Old Fashioned Books

It is a common misconception that young people are so obsessed with technology that they shudder at the touch of paper, have forgotten how to use pens, and can only relate to abstract concepts such as 'likes' and 'the internet.'


6 YA Books That Get Mental Health Right

Young adult fiction is known for tackling issues that young people can relate to and recently a great number of YA authors have begun tackling mental health, as the conversation surrounding mental health grows and becomes less taboo.

5 Irish YA Writers You NEED To Read Right Now

The Irish YA scene boasts some pretty heavy hitters!


From new novelists with big book deals and movies in the works, to established veterans of YA, here is the definitive list of Irish YA writers you HAVE to read...


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