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7 Books That Changed My Perspective on Life

Though you may read anywhere between one and 200 books this year, only a few will really stay with you. Very rarely do you read a book that shifts the bedrock of your mind. We start building our outlook on life when we’re very young.

Your Next Half Hour Will Be John Green Videos in Which He Suggests Books

John Green, YA author extraordinaire, and prolific vlogger since he and his brother Hank Green (who also has a YA novel coming out) began their project Brotherhood 2.0 all the way back in the dark ages of 2007. He has, throughout this project and beyond (they still exchange weekly videos), r

Check Out What Music Your Favorite Authors Love

We know you’re always looking for new music. Instead of listening to your local public radio station to find out what the cool college kids are listening to (Hint: it’s probably Migos), let your favorite authors give you some recommendations.

Get Your Music Recommendations Here From Haruki Murakami!

Haruki Murakami’s body of work is definitely eclectic. The characters are young, old, men, women, small, tall, etc. The settings range from Japan’s coastal villages to the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene hills near Kyoto. Some may be tinged with the surreal while others bask in it.

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