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10 Quotes to Commemorate the 56th Anniversary of 'The Bell Jar'

Today marks a pretty big day in literary history. It was on this day that, back in 1963, that Sylvia Plath’s semi-autobiographical novel The Bell Jar was published. The story behind Esther Greenwood and her relatable and human story is tied closely to that of Plath’s.


10 Ezra Pound Quotes to Make You a True Poet

October 30th marks the birthday of one of the greatest American poets. Ezra Pound has set a high standard in what poetry is and what it means. From his work in the modern poetry movement to the development of Imagism, Pound was and still is a literary legend.


10 Quotes To Spark Your Back to School Spirit

Back to school season is upon us and whether you're a freshman entering high school, a senior finishing their last year of college, or a teacher, now is as good a time as any to re-energize your batteries! Here are 10 inspiring quotes on education that will spark your back to school spirit!

9 Otherworldly Quotes from Florence Welch

She is the queen of all things indie and rock and her essence is pure magic. With a voice of an angel and the aura of something you can’t quite describe, Florence Welch doesn’t seem like she’s of this world. Her music and her words have settled in us and we want them to stay there.
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