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Quiz: Can You Identify Authors' Real Names?

A common practice within the writing world is the use of pen names i.e. adopted names writers use to maintain anonymity within their personal lives. From J.K. Rowling to Dr. Seuss, the name of your favorite author is likely fake.

Quiz: Can You Identify A Book Based on a Single Page?

Typically, avid readers tend to identify books and authors relatively easy. The works of distinquished authors tend to have a unified aura; even if their stories are not connected, the storylines, tone, and characters can have a shared something or other.

Quiz: Do You Know These Famous Authors' First Languages?

An exophonic writer is someone who writes in a language other than the first language they learned. Though you might be familiar with many of these writers, you might be surprised to learn some of them did not originaly speak the language you'd assume. 

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