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You Have to Stay in This Japanese Hostel...I Mean Bookcase

I am basically a walking millennial cliche. You know the one–they studied abroad and now they're all about that wanderlust and fulfilling their heart's desire through experience. Yup, that's me! And this new hostel in Japan proves to put all other hostels to shame. 


Please, Hayao Miyazaki, Animate These Books

The books I love that haven’t been turned into movies or TV shows are especially dear to me. Their one true version is in my head. Only I know what those books look like. Whenever it’s announced one of these few survivors is getting an adaptation, a little piece of my brain chips off.

The Most Minimal Bookstore Ever

If you’re anything like us, walking into a massive bookstore can cause hyperventilation, salivating, and torn on how much money you can actually spend.

7 Classic Stories Disney Needs to Animate ASAP

These tales of the folk and fairy variety are modern, ancient, and from all around the world. What they have in common is that they're all prime real estate for animators. So listen up, Disney. Here are 7 stories that you must spin into films in increasing order of urgency...


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