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Here's the Weirdest, Most Disturbing Harry Potter Merch Online

If you've spent any time in fandom spaces on the Internet, you'll know how weird things can get. And you'll also know this terrifying truth: things can always get weirder. These five pieces of Harry Potter merchandise might make you want to Ravenclaw your eyes out...

This Magical Pup Is Trained in Harry Potter Spells!

I know all you Potter fans are always looking for some news about your favorite fandom; you guys are great. And I’m sure that if you love something as magical as Harry Potter, you probably  love, let’s say, dogs too. You know I’m right.

10 Literary Role Models to Help You Kick Ass in 2019

Sometimes, we look to our friends to be better people. Since you probably just rang in the New Year watching all of your friends sing badly and injure themselves while intoxicated, maybe you're looking for a role model who's a little more respectable.

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