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The Best Books of 2018 According to Goodreads Readers

Surely we've all gone to see a profoundly boring film with bleak comments about the nature of being, interspersed with eclectic yet disjointed scenes and the occasional shaky-cam. If the point of the movie was to reiterate the pointlessness of existence, we think upon leaving, it certainly achiev

The 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards Are Basically a Bookworm's Utopia

The 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards have been announced. What’s notable about these recognitions is they’re 100% user selected. There aren’t really any tastemakers out there deliberating in private rooms which book is the best book. It’s just up to, essentially, what readers thought.

Goodreads Changed Their Giveaways and People Are Not Happy

For the last few years, if an author wanted to promote their new novel, they could easily set up a giveaway contest on Goodreads, a social media site for book lovers (you've probably heard of Goodreads if you're on Bookstr, but gotta serve up all that pertinent info).

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