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'Hocus Pocus' Sequel Features Major LGBT Romance

The beloved Halloween classic Hocus Pocus is continuing its story in a brand new sequel, bringing the Sanderson sisters back to life! While the iconic witch trio will most certainly bewitch fans, a new character will be featured and she is likely to put a spell on you.


8 Walt Disney Quotes for Magical Inspiration

Walt Disney's innovative creativity and vision brought color to the childhoods of billions of people everywhere. Responsible for creating one of the most iconic characters in history (i.e.

Top 5 Terrifying Fairy Tales

Growing up, my favorite thing to read was a two volume collection of classic fairy tales. Any of them would do, but more often than not I'd just read cover to cover and cover to cover.

You Know You're a Single Book Nerd When...

Supposedly winter is when people are most anxious to find a significant other. And yet here we are. Maybe we turn to a nice paperback for comfort. You can relate. You know you’re a single book nerd when…


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