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11 Hilariously Scathing One-Star Book Reviews

When some people don't like a book, they complain to their friends. When others don't like a book, they actively set it on fire. Mostly what they do, however, is type out poorly-worded complaints about what they claim is a badly written excuse for a book.

5 Retellings of Classic Novels That You Should Read Now

Classic literature is great, but even I, an avid reader and stereotypical English major, sometimes wish these stories were a bit more contemporary. Fortunately, many modern authors have created their own stories that adapt the plots, characters, and/or spirit of the originals for a new century.

12 Challenging Books Readers Struggle to Finish

As a former English major, I've had the misfortune pleasure of coming across some of the most intellectually challenging literary works. Believe me, I love to read and I enjoy challenging myself but when it's Friday night a week from finals and you're assigned to read <

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