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Kickstart Your New Year With These 8 Ultimate Bookworm Resolutions!

The new year is not an easy time for bookworms, as our resolutions tend to be less to do with 'exercise' and 'clean eating' and more to do with 'stop starting books at 10pm and staying up all night finishing them,' and 'stop spending money on books when you already own hundreds of unread books.'

Need Help Choosing Your Next Read? Here's Some Ideas To Try Out

Every reader knows the harrowing, anxiety-ridden, and time-consuming process of choosing their next read. As a bookworm myself, I have stacks (and I mean stacks) of books that I can't wait to read. Some people may call it hoarding, but I simply call it collecting worthy books.

10 Reasons Why Bookworms Are Best Friend Material

Let's be honest, bookworms are pretty darn awesome. Readers are often undervalued but I'm here to tell you why you should not ignore bookworms, no matter how quiet or introverted, if you're on the search for friend material.

In the Age of Technology, Kids Prefer Old Fashioned Books

It is a common misconception that young people are so obsessed with technology that they shudder at the touch of paper, have forgotten how to use pens, and can only relate to abstract concepts such as 'likes' and 'the internet.'


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