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'Jane the Virgin' Fans, You Can Actually Read Her New Novel

If you haven't watched and fallen in love with Jane the Virgin yet, I am here to tell you to get on that. I am a committed binge-watcher (what can I say, I need instant gratification) who has decided to watch this show from week to week because it is that good!

7 Female-Directed Adaptations to Watch This Winter

When discussing directors I always hear the male-dominated version of Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and the like. But, we must talk about the amazing women who take the industry by storm and create movies that we all love.

Sorry Bookworms, These Movies Were Better Than the Books

You might want to turn the air conditioner on because you’re about to hear some hot takes. We all love books. Obviously. They’re a brain playground. You don’t need to hire actors or pay for special effects or put on 3D glasses. You can just turn a page and, boom, you’re in a brand new world.

6 Book Adaptations You Forgot Were Happening

We are always on the lookout for news of our favorite books hitting the big screen, and so we're super excited about these six upcoming adaptations. All of them are in pre-production and are slowly, but surely making their way to us, but we wanted to make sure that they were not forgotten.

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