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12 Discreet Tattoos for the Devoted Bookworm

The only thing more frightening than a needle is a needle that’s full of permanent body ink. Tattoos aren’t for the fickle. That's me. I still can’t make up my mind. Big or small, words or lyrics? I can’t even decide what to have for lunch.


Check out These 7 Photos of Famous Authors' Diaries

Lets face it, it's really wrong to read someone else's diary. It crosses all sorts of boundaries that you don't want to cross. It also makes you completely untrustworthy and kind of a piece of shit, unless of course the diary belongs to one of our favourite authors. Then it's totally okay.

Quiz: Do You Know These Famous Authors' First Languages?

An exophonic writer is someone who writes in a language other than the first language they learned. Though you might be familiar with many of these writers, you might be surprised to learn some of them did not originaly speak the language you'd assume. 

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